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The Americans with Disabilities Act and Disability Access

DATE:             September 23, 2013

TO:                  Employees of the University of Montana

FROM:             Royce C. Engstrom, President

SUBJECT:       The Americans with Disabilities Act and Disability Access

University of Montana provides access to education, employment, services, programs, and activities to persons with disabilities. I ask your help to ensure that we remove any barriers that prevent equal opportunities to community members who have physical or mental disabilities.

Both Federal and State laws and University policy prohibit discrimination on the basis of physical or mental disability. The University affords all qualified individuals with disabilities equal opportunities for full participation in University programs and activities. We ensure that these programs and activities are accessible.  This means that they are offered, to the extent possible, in the same manner and in the same setting as they are offered to individuals without disabilities. Our obligations include:

  • Scheduling University-related meetings, lectures, seminars, performances, conferences, and events in accessible locations.
  • Ensuring that electronic and technology information is fully and equally accessible to and independently usable by individuals with disabilities. This means that websites, software, classroom technology, and multimedia are accessible. 

The University has resources to help meet these requirements. They include:

  • Comprehensive information about accessibility at UM is found on the University’s accessibility webpage,, including a campus map of physical accessibility.
  • Disability Services for Students (DSS) (, coordinates reasonable program modifications for otherwise qualified students with disabilities and acts as an accessibility resource for faculty and staff.  The DSS website contains resources, such as sample syllabi statements, commonly used modifications, and information about how to create an accessible learning environment. You may contact DSS at (phone) 406-243-2243 (voice/text) 406-203-0591 or email
  • Human Resource Services ( assists employees who request reasonable accommodations. You may contact HRS at 243-6766.
  • For any accessibility issues or as an additional resource, you may contact the Americans with Disabilities Act Team ( at 406-243-6183. The Team has the responsibility to monitor performance and recommend policies, procedures, and practices to enable the University to meet its responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and applicable State laws. The ADA Team also functions as an alternative dispute resolution body for issues concerning accessibility.

The University also has a grievance procedure for resolving discrimination on the basis of disability, including failing to provide reasonable accommodations or program modifications for individuals with disabilities  Discrimination grievances may be filed with the Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Office ( by calling 243-5710.

Thank you.