Tragedy in Pittsburgh

We are deeply shocked and saddened by Saturday's tragedy at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh. Acts such as these contradict the human values that we hold dear at the University of Montana, and we hold strong in our stance against the hate that motivated this tragic event. Having grown up about an hour north of Pittsburgh, I am familiar with the neighborhood where this occurred, and my thoughts are with those who are hurting.

We all are affected by these expressions of hate. For our students who are affected, the Curry Health Counseling Center is available to assist, with walk-in appointments and 24-hour crisis counseling.

This tragedy reminds us that we must continually affirm our shared commitment to diversity and inclusion. Later this week, DiverseU – an event promoting understanding through civil discourse – will take place on campus. I encourage you to attend DiverseU and to learn from the many voices in our community.

Last Friday, we came together on campus to unite in service for our community. We must also unite against hate and actively support those who are grieving. The University of Montana is a campus founded on building community. Let us show the world through our words, actions and deeds that we will not be divided by hate.

Please keep those affected by the Pittsburgh tragedy in your thoughts.