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Charter Day: Dennison Presidential Awards

George M. Dennison Presidential Faculty and Staff Awards for Distinguished Accomplishment

Every spring, the Dennison Awards recognize distinguished faculty and staff who have brought excellence, merit and distinction to the University of Montana. The Faculty Award is open to all tenure-track or full-time research faculty who have completed at least five years of employment with UM and whose accomplishments have brought significant recognition to the University at the regional and national levels. The Staff Award is presented to a staff member who has completed at least five years of employment with UM and recognizes a distinguished accomplishment within the employee's work unit.

Nomination Process

  • The nomination form for the Faculty Award can be found here.
  • The nomination form for the Staff Award can be found here.
  • Completed nomination packets should be submitted by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, January 10, 2014 to Rebecca Power in the Office of the President.

Charter Day

The awards will be presented at UM's Charter Day ceremony on Thursday, February 13, 2014. The celebration and award ceremony are open to the public.

Past Award Winners

Staff Award:

Mary Kamensky, Graduate School (2013)
Jerry Ballas, Architect, Facility Services (2012)
Mona Mondava, Program Coordinator, Foreign Student and Scholar Services (2011)
Julee Stearns, Health Promotion Specialist, Curry Health Center (2010)
Jodi Johnson Moreau, Outreach Coordinator, Alumni Association (2009)
Juana Alcala, Director of Marketing and Recruitment, Admissions and New Student Services (2008)
Karen "Kelly" Chadwick, Groundkeeper III, UC Administration (2007)
Steve Wing, Stage Production Coordinator, Department of Drama/Dance (2006)
Cleo Johnson, Administrative Associate II, School of Education (2005)
Kristine Csorosz, Groundkeeper III, Facility Services (2004)
Diana Spas, Information Systems Support Specialist, Rural Institute on Disabilities (2003)
Becky Hofstad, Administrative Assistant, Department of Economics (2002)
Susie Castle, Administrative Assistant, Department of Englist (2001)

Faculty Award:

Joel Harper, Professor, Department of Geosciences (2013)
Peter Koehn, Professor, Department of Political Science (2012)
Rick Billstein, Professor, Department of Mathematics (2011)
Dan Pletscher, Professor/Program Chair, Department of Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences/Wildlife Biology (2010)
Jakki Mohr, Regent's Professor, Management and Marketing (2009)
Steven Running, Regent's Professor, College of Forestry and Conservation (2008) 
Richard Bridges, Professor, College of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2008)
David Sherman, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy (2007)
Bob Pack, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of English (2006)
Richard J. Field, Professor, Department of Chemistry (2005)
Johnny Lott, Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences (2004)
Albert Borgmann, Regent's Professor, Department of Philosophy (2003)
Kenneth Dial, Professor, Division of Biological Sciences (2002)
George D. Stanley, Professor, Department of Geosciences (2001)