Michael Ruse - March 19, 2007

Michael Ruse

Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy; Director of the Program in the History of Philosophy of Science, Department of Philosophy, Florida State University

"The Evolution-Creation Struggle: An American Story"

8:00 PM Monday, March 19, 2007
University Theatre

Author of The Evolution/Creation Struggle (2005) and nearly twenty other books, Professor Ruse will analyze the historic clash in America between science and religion.

"Is Darwinism an Exhausted Paradigm?"

3:10 PM Monday, March 19, 2007
Gallagher Business Building 123

You are cordially invited to attend a seminar with Michael Ruse. He earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Bristol in 1970. After many years of teaching at the University of Guelph, he took an endowed chair at Florida State University in 2000. Since 2004 he has been the Director of the Program in the History and Philosophy of Science at FSU. Among his many honors are the Herbert Spencer lectureship at Oxford University in 1994 and the Gifford lectureship at Glasgow University in 2001. He has written or edited more than thirty books, including:

  • The Philosophy of Biology (1973)
  • The Darwinian Revolution: Science Red in Tooth and Claw (1979)
  • Sociobiology: Sense or Nonsense (1985)
  • Monad to Man: The Concept of Progress in Evolutionary Biology (1996)
  • Mystery of Mysteries: Is Evolution a Social Construction? (1999)
  • Can a Darwinian Be a Christian? The Relationship between Science and Religion (2001)
  • Darwin and Design: Does Evolution Have a Purpose? (2003)
  • The Evolution/Creation Struggle (2005)
  • Darwinism and Its Discontents (2006)

Among the seven new books of his scheduled to appear in 2007-2008 are Charles Darwin and Reflections on the Origins of Species, with David Reznick.