William Robinson - December 01, 2011

William Robinson

Professor of Sociology, Global Studies, and Latin American and Iberian Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Global Crisis: Immigration, Drug Trafficking, and Financial Meltdown"

8:00 PM Thursday, December 01, 2011
University Center Ballroom

Professor Robinson has published prize-winning books about the economic, social, and political problems that globalization has caused in Latin America. In his lecture, he will comment on the latest developments in this crisis-ridden part of the Western Hemisphere.

A podcast of the lecture is available here.

President Engstrom, William Robinson, and Paul Haber

President Engstrom, William Robinson, and Paul Haber

"Latin America and the Global Capitalist System"

3:40 PM Thursday, December 01, 2011
Gallagher Business Building 123

You are cordially invited to attend a seminar with William Robinson, an internationally acclaimed expert on the effects of globalization in Latin America. Before embarking on an academic career, he worked as a professional journalist in Washington and Central America. After earning a Ph.D. in sociology at the University of New Mexico in 1994, he taught at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and New Mexico State University before arriving, in 2001, at UCSB. He has published six books:

David and Goliath: The U.S. War against Nicaragua (1987)

A Faustian Bargain: U.S. Intervention in the Nicaraguan Elections and American Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era(1992)

Promoting Polyarchy: Globalization, U.S. Intervention and Hegemony (1996)

Transnational Conflict: Central America, Social Change, and Globalization (2003)

A Theory of Global Capitalism: Production, Class and State in a Transnational World (2004)

Latin America and Global Capitalism: A Critical Globalization Perspective,  winner in 2009 of the British International Studies Association’s International Political Economy Book Prize

Professor Robinson also edited Critical Globalization Studies (2005) and has published numerous articles and essays in scholarly journals and anthologies. At UCSB he teaches courses on the Sociological Foundations of Political Economy, Comparative Poverty and Development, Globalization, Sociological Theory, Power and Society, Class Analysis, Rich and Poor Nations, the Sociology of Deviant Behavior, the Causes of Crime and Delinquency, and Global Inequities. He has lectured all over the world.