Outreach & Engagement

The overall charge of the UDT builds upon a robust foundation of recent years' worth of strategic planning at UM. Guiding principles of the UDT include collaboration, trust, unity and transparency. As such, the UDT will privilege several of the University's communication platforms to seek feedback and collaboration with the campus and community as design principles and strategic initiatives are developed.

Check back for details of upcoming opportunities to engage with the UDT.


News Releases:  

"UM Creates University Design Team To Chart Direction of Flagship's Future"  June 11, 2020 

Presidential Communications: 

April 28, 2020 "University Design Team

Sept. 14, 2020 "Please Join Us to Envision UM"


Two community open forums were held in the summer of 2020. The format included UDT Co-Chairs Paul Gladen and Adrea Lawrence engaging with community members, UM staff, faculty and students about the overall charge and mission of the UDT. Participants submitted questions before the forum for UDT members to address, in addition to a Q&A session. 

Community Open Forum - July 24, 2020

Community Open Forum - June 25, 2020

UM President Seth Bodnar shared an update on the work of the UDT, in addition the drafted design principles at the State of The University, held on Aug. 27, 2020

State of the University: (Design Principles:16:30-17:00)

On Sept. 18, EAB, an academic strategy and advisory firm, held two sessions titled "Envision UM." The workshops were intended to articulate the characterisitics of a Flagship of the Future and reflect on the design principles the UDT has formulated. 

EAB Futuring Session 1 

EAB Futuring Session II