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About Interim Provost Edmond

Beverly EdmondAs Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Beverly C. Edmond is the Chief Academic Officer for the University of Montana. The Provost's most important duty is oversight of the academic operations of the university. She ensures that UM continues to pursue academic excellence and promote student success.
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Organizational Chart

Click through the Office of the Provost organizational chart below to learn about how Academic Affairs is structured.

  • Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Beverly Edmond
    • Associate Provost for Dynamic Learning Nathan Lindsay
    • Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives (vacant)
    • Academic Deans
    • Other Direct Reports
      • Director Franke Global Leadership Initiative Jeanne Loftus
      • Director of Academic Personnel & Communication Claudine Cellier
      • Director Bitterroot College Victoria Clark
      • Director Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center Abraham Kim
      • Director Montana Museum of Art and Culture Barbara Koostra
      • Registrar Office of the Registrar Joseph Hickman
      • Special Assistant to the Provost for Native American and Indigenous Education Kathryn Shanley
      • Director Rural Institute Martin Blair
      • Director of Academic Fiscal Affairs Hillary Stowell
      • Interim Director, Global Engagement Office Effie Koehn

What does the Provost do?

The Provost is the Chief Academic Officer and oversees initiatives related to:

All colleges and schools

The Provost oversees UM’s twelve colleges and schools and the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library.

The Provost also oversees a number of other academic entities including:

Academic policy

  • program review and accreditation
  • program assessment
  • revision of academic unit standards
  • curriculum modifications including the creation of new academic programs

Academic enrichment

opportunities for students:

Opportunities for faculty

  • international partnerships and exchanges
  • sabbatical assignment
  • professional development activities

Student success

  • advising
  • tutoring
  • student support services

Academic events

Institutional planning

The Provost chairs the University Planning Committee and participates in the budgeting, assessment and implementation aspects of the Planning-Assessment continuum.

Raising donor funds

The Provost collaborates with the University of Montana Foundation to raise donor funds for academic initiatives at UM.