Initiatives and Goals

1. Cultivate Learning and Discovery in Undergraduate Education

  • Create a "Gateway to Discovery" experience for all incoming students focused on the challenges of the 21st century
  • Fully engage the College of Technology
  • Enhance preparedness and diversity of incoming students
  • Improve undergraduate advising at all levels

2. Cultivate Learning and Discovery in Graduate Education

  • Grow graduate education to enhance the intellectual atmosphere and create cultural and economic impacts in Montana
  • Ensure a stimulating and supportive environment for graduate students
  • Increase proportion of graduate students
  • Increase regional, national, and international awareness of graduate programs

3. Create a Coherent Vision for Research and Creative Scholarship

  • Identify and build areas of distinction
  • Build and maintain infrastructure to support research and creative work
  • Support research and creative scholarship across disciplines and enhance interdisciplinary connections
  • Transform discovery into application to serve society and stimulate Montana's economy

4. Build Community through Engagement and Outreach

  • Expand the array of educational programs by improving access to UM
  • Respond to increased demand for education from non-traditional learners
  • Enhance outreach and expand partnerships with K-12 education
  • Develop a communications and outreach plan to better tell UM's story

5. Embrace Diversity and Global Participation

  • Respect, welcome, encourage, and celebrate diversity
  • Ensure access for American Indians and foster the preservation of their culture
  • Correct inequities that exist due to historical exclusion of underrepresented populations
  • Enhance international learning and research opportunities for all

6. Improve the Workplace Environment

  • Improve the work-life quality for faculty and staff
  • Create a campus that actively supports sustainability
  • Create a technology environment that supports the work of students, faculty, and staff

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