2015-16 Faculty Evaluation Process

All assistant professors, associate professors with last names ending in A-L and full professors with last names ending in A-H will be evaluated for the period 2014-15.

The Faculty Evaluation procedures are detailed in Section 10.200 (Procedure for Faculty Evaluation) in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Individual Performance Record (IPR)

The Individual Performance Record (IPR) is the documentation assembled and submitted by a faculty member as evidence of his/her job performance. Submission procedures for the IPR are outlined in Section 10.210 of the CBA.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) provides that "every member of the bargaining unit" is subject to the annual faculty evaluation process (CBA 10.210). The bargaining unit includes faculty on academic or fiscal year appointment with the rank of instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, and professor with appointments that are half-time or greater. In addition, faculty on term-by-term appointment who are half-time (0.50 FTE) or greater for two or more successive semesters, excluding summer, shall be in the bargaining unit concurrent with the second semester appointment (CBA 3.100).


There are exceptions to the above evaluation requirement. The first exception is limited to those members of the bargaining unit who are in their first year of service at UM or who are on a terminal year contract (CBA 10.210). These individuals are not required to prepare nor submit an Individual Performance Record (IPR). Two other exceptions relate to tenured associate and full professors (see CBA 10.340 for details). Tenured associate professors are evaluated every two years. Tenured full professors are evaluated every three years.

Tenured associate and full professors on sabbatical assignment or leave without pay shall also be exempted from evaluation if the following conditions are met:  they seek a normal increase, they have not received a less-than-normal recommendation in the past three (3) years, and the Faculty Evaluation Committee does not wish to initiate consideration for other than a normal recommendation (CBA 10.340).

Faculty Evaluation Schedule

Following is a list of dates by which each step in the faculty evaluation process must be completed, according to the CBA:

September 15:  Student Evaluation Committee is appointed by the Department Chair or Dean (if applicable).

October 15:  Individual Performance Record (IPR) is submitted to Faculty Evaluation Committee Chair and the Department Chair (or Dean). The Student Evaluation Committee finalizes its evaluation of each faculty member and sends it to the Department Chair.

November 15:  Faculty Evaluation Committee finalizes and forwards its report to the Department Chair and the Dean.

December 15:  Department Chair forwards evaluation records to the Dean.

February 15:  Dean forwards evaluation records to the Provost and to the faculty member. A copy of the Dean's evaluation is sent to the appropriate Department Chair.

February 25:  Faculty member may appeal their evaluation to the Dean.

March 12:  Dean grants or denies faculty member's appeal.

April 4:  Appeals Committee forwards recommendation(s) to the Provost.

May 15:  Provost notifies faculty member of recommendation provided no matter is under appeal (CBA 10.290).