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Center Review

Centers at the University of Montana are approved and periodically assessed according to UM Policy 103: Establishment and Periodic Review of Academic Institutes, Bureaus, Centers, Stations, Labs, and Other Similar Entities.

Creating a new center

Center Review Process

Centers are reviewed every five years according to a rotating schedule.

1. Prepare and submit a Center Review Report

  • Prepare the report based on the guidelines for the Center Review Report (due Oct 15).
  • The center director will also submit a list of five potential external reivewers ranked by order of preference to the Office of the Provost (due Sept 15).
    • The list of potential reviewers should not include anyone with a real or perceived conflict of interest, for example, former students or close collaborators.

2. The External Evaluator's Review

  • The evaluator will be selected/invited by the Associate Provost in consultation with the center director.
  • The evaluator will review the center's report and conduct a remote review (via phone, Skype, etc.).
  • The center director is responsible for scheduling the remote interviews and providing an agenda to the reviewer.
  • The Office of the Provost does not provide the honorarium. The center director must facilitate the payment of a modest honorarium (typically $250) upon receipt of the report.
  • The interviews should include:
    • Center Director
    • Faculty and staff affiliated with the center
    • The Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship
    • The direct supervisor of the center
    • The Associate Provost
    • Others as makes sense for each individual center

3. Faculty Senate Review

  • The Executive Committee of the Senate (ECOS) will review the center's report as well as the evaluation provided by the external reviewer.
  • ECOS will recommend continuance or discontinuance of the center. (Past ECOS center reviews)