Level I Proposals

All Level I proposals require both Faculty Senate and Board of Regents approval. Some require Level II documentation as well. To learn more see the BOR Guidelines for Level I and Level II Proposals and BOR Policy 303.1.

Level I proposals address changes such as:

  • Re-titling or eliminating existing majors, minors, and options;
  • Adding new certificates or minors where there is a major, or an option in a major;*
  • Departmental mergers and name changes;
  • Program revisions;*
  • Distance delivery of previously authorized degree programs;
  • Placement of a program into moratorium;
  • Notice of Intent to Termate/Withdraw an existing major, minor, option, or certificate;
  • Termination/Withdraw existing major, minor, option, or certificate;
  • Adding option within an existing major or degree;*
  • Eliminating organizational units such as departments, divisions and colleges or schools;*
  • Consolidating existing program and/or degree;*
  • Creating temporary certificate or A.A.S. degree programs; and
  • Creating a certificate program of 29 credits or fewer.

*requires additional Level II Board of Regents documentation (Curriculum Proposal Form)

Level I proposals include campus initiatives typically characterized by (a) minimal costs; (b) clear adherence to approved campus mission; and (c) the absence of significant programmatic impact on other institutions within the Montana University System and community colleges.

Step 1: Submission to the Office of the Provost

  • Please submit hard copy and electronic (Word) versions of all applicable Faculty Senate and BOR forms and any appendices for initial review in the Provost's office.
  • Level I Proposals must include:
    • Faculty Senate Level I Program form: requires the signature of the program chair/director, signatures from chairs/directors of other affected programs, and the appropriate dean's signature.
    • BOR Level I Request Form and Item Template: Note that the item number and date of the BOR meeting should be left blank, to be added by the Provost's Office before final submission. Please provide a one or two paragraph description or explanation of the proposal under the "Specify Request" section of the Request Form.
    • Termination Checklist: If a program is being terminated, this checklist must accompany the second stage of a two-part process.
    • Course Form: When a Level I proposal requires the addition of new courses, please include a Faculty Senate Course Form and the appropriate syllabi.
  • In addition, Level I Proposals with Level II documentation must include a:

Step 2: Submission to the Faculty Senate

  • After initial review, the Office of the Provost will submit copies of the proposal to the Faculty Senate Office for placement on the Senate agenda.

Step 3: Submission to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE)

  • Following Senate approval, the Provost's office will add the appropriate dates and item numbers on the BOR forms, perform minor revisions as necessary, and submit to OCHE.