Level II Proposals

Level II proposals require both Faculty Senate and Board of Regents approval.

Level II proposals are required for substantive changes such as:

  • Changing names of degrees (e.g. from B.A. to B.F.A.);
  • Implementing a new minor or certificate where there is no major or no option in a major;
  • Establishing new degrees and add majors to existing degrees;
  • Any other changes in governance and organization described in Board of Regents' Policy 218, such as formation, elimination or consolidation of a college, division, school, department, institute, bureau, center, station, laboratory, or similar unit.

Step 1: Submission to the Office of the Provost

  • Please submit hard copy and electronic (Word) versions of all applicable forms and appendices for initial review in the Office of the Provost.
  • Level II Proposals must include:
    • Faculty Senate Level II Form: Requires the signature of the program chair/director, signatures from chairs/directors of other affected programs, the appropriate dean's signature, and the signature of the Dean of Libraries.
    • BOR Level II Request Form and Item Template: The item number and meeting date fields should be blank on each form. This information will be added in the Provost's Office before final submission.
    • Curriculum Proposal Form
    • Course Form: Needed when a Level II proposal requires the addition of new courses (including appropriate syllabi).

Step 2: Submission to the Faculty Senate

  • After review, the Provost's Office will submit copies of the proposal to the Faculty Senate Office for review by ASCRC or Graduate Council as appropriate.

Step 3: Submission to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE)

  • Following Senate approval, the Provost's office will add the appropriate dates and item numbers on the BOR forms and narratives, will perform minor revisions as necessary, and will submit system-level forms to OCHE.