Course Changes and minor Program Modifications

Course changes and small modifications include:

  • New or Changed Course:
    • Adding a new course or making changes to an existing course: addition, deletion, or change in title, credit, course number, level, pre-requisites, description, cross-listing, or repeatability;
  • General Education:
    • Adding a new general education course or General Education writing course, changing existing general education courses and removing designations for existing general education courses;
  • Writing Courses:
    • Adding new upper division writing courses; and
  • Program Modification:
    • Making slight changes to programs, such as adding a writing course to the major, changing the list of accepted elective courses, or removing a requirement of a minor.

These requests require submission of a Faculty Senate course form or program modification form. Forms and instructions can be found on the Faculty Senate website.

They do not need Board of Regents approval and so are not submitted to the Provost's Office.