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New Centers - Level II Proposals

A proposal for a new Center is considered a Level II proposal and requires both Faculty Senate and Board of Regents approval.

To submit a proposal for a new center:

  1. Submit the appropriate proposal forms to the Office of the Provost for review. This includes forms for Faculty Senate and the Board of Regents:
    1. The proposal required by UM Policy 103, which should include a Center Review Budget Form.
      1. All required signatures must be present.
    2. Montana University System forms: Level II Request Form and Curriculum Proposal Form
      1. Sample Proposal for a new center
  2. The Provost will distribute copies to the President, relevant administrators, and the Faculty Senate.
  3. The Provost and the Faculty Senate provide a written rationale for a recommendation of approval or disapproval to the President.
  4. The President considers all recommendations and provides a written explanation of the decision to each reviewer and the University community.
  5. Upon approval, the proposal will be sent to the Board of Regents for final authorization.

Additional information: