Instructional Development

The Instructional Development Program is intended to help faculty members develop new courses, develop new pedagogical skills, or incorporate new technologies into teaching.  Proposals might also include travel to a special seminar or workshop on instructional methods or sponsorship of a faculty-development workshop or seminar series at UM.


  • Improve teaching by developing new pedagogical skills or incorporating new, innovative technologies into one's teaching.
  • Provide the maximum benefit to a large number of students.
  • Improve the curriculum through the development of new courses and areas of study.
  • Provide broad benefit to the campus community


  • Each of the goals listed above must be addressed in the submission.
  • A detailed time schedule of the proposed activity must be provided.
  • A budget must be included. Please indicate requests for, or commitments of, any matching funds, since these are viewed as very meaningful by the Faculty Development Committee.
  • A letter of support from the Department Chair must be provided. Letters of support from other departments will also enhance the proposal.
  • Please prioritize applications if multiple proposals or proposals in more than one category of faculty development are submitted.
  • The recipient(s) of awards which result in presentations, seminars, performances, etc. which are of general interest to the UM community will be responsible for informing University Relations of these events so that they can be placed on the official university calendar.
  • The UM Faculty Development Program should be acknowledged as having supported any activities which may result from this funding. Examples would be if manuscripts are published, presentations or performances given, or so on.


Successful proposals may receive support to a maximum of $1,000. Proposals may include travel to special seminars or workshops on instructional methods, sponsoring of a faculty development workshop or seminar series at UM, or bringing individuals to the campus. The committee will not consider funding the purchase of instructional equipment or supplies unless the critical importance of such with regard to improvement in faculty teaching is clearly detailed. Awards will not be given for salaries.