The Mini-Sabbatical Program offers faculty the opportunity to acquire new academic skills through travel off-campus for a period of no less than five working days (excluding travel days) and up to one semester. For example, applicants are encouraged to work in a specialized laboratory, take courses at another university, work with a master artist or scholar, or undertake similar efforts of a professional nature. Please note that the committee will not support attendance at what they judge to be routine association meetings.


The goal of this program is to help faculty develop or acquire new knowledge, skills or abilities which will assist them in teaching, conducting research/scholarship, or performing creative activities.


  1. The submission must specifically address how the goal listed above will be achieved.
  2. A detailed time schedule of the proposed activity must be provided.
  3. A budget must be included. Please indicate requests for or commitments of, any matching funds, since these are viewed as very meaningful by the Faculty Development Committee.
  4. When applicable, a letter of support from the individual or institution where the Mini-Sabbatical will be performed must be included.
  5. A letter of support from the Department Chair must be provided. Letters of support from other departments will also enhance the proposal.
  6. Please prioritize applications when multiple proposals or proposals in more than one category of faculty development are submitted.
  7. The UM Faculty Development Program should be acknowledged as having supported any activities which may result from this funding. Examples would be if manuscripts are published, presentations or performances given, or so on.


Successful proposals may receive support to a maximum of $1,000. Proposals may include support for travel, facility usage fees, and other such appropriate expenses. Note that the committee cannot consider requests for salary costs or for any costs related to securing a replacement for the applicant during the absence.