Faculty Communities

The Faculty Development Office is pleased to offer faculty communities: ways to collaborate with colleagues on semester-long professional development projects. 

Senior Faculty Inquiry Project

Faculty with 6+ years of teaching experience are invited to join a small group of colleagues to explore topics in teaching and learning. Participants will determine the exact focus of discussions, but questions to be addressed may include: How are students’ preparation and expectations changing? How can faculty members capitalize on student interest in technology? How have other faculty members approached shifts in their areas of expertise and related adjustments in teaching techniques? Faculty participants will have the opportunity to develop specific course elements over the semester.  

Please complete this brief application to join the group by Friday, February 16 at 5:00 p.m. Submit applications to the Faculty Development Office, 303 Todd Bldg., or by email to amy.kinch@umontana.edu.

Inquiry Project: Faculty Leadership

Join this small group to learn more about leadership in a university setting through readings and discussions with faculty from across campus. This inquiry project will focus on leading from the middle of an organization and ways to find partners and build coalitions to move efforts forward. Participants will include faculty from a 2015 faculty inquiry project on leadership who have since taken on chair positions and given presentations on leadership in their disciplines. Discussions will be based on common readings chosen by the group.

Please complete this brief application to join the group by Friday, February 16 at 5:00 p.m. Submit applications to the Faculty Development Office, 303 Todd Bldg., or by email to amy.kinch@umontana.edu.

Spring 2018 Faculty Writing Group

Research has shown that writing groups increase scholarly productivity. Our experience at UM has demonstrated that they also build collegiality among motivated faculty members from across campus. Join our faculty writing group this spring to create protected time to complete your writing projects. We will be meeting at the following times:

Fridays, 9-11 (Feb 9, Feb 23, March 9, March 23, April 6, April 20, May 4).   

Space is limited. Please contact Amy Kinch to join. 


Past Faculty Inquiry Projects and Series

Inquiry projects are designed for faculty members who want to take a collective and scholarly approach to addressing a professional topic. The format creates a collegial setting in which faculty members from across campus learn from one another.

Creating Engaging Learning Experiences (Fall 2017)

Learning LaTeX (Fall 2017)

Engaging Students in the Digital Age (Spring 2017)

Examining Course Curriculum for Diverse Perspectives (Fall 2016)

Technology in the Classroom (Fall 2016, Missoula College)

Large Courses in the Sciences (Spring 2016)

Faculty Writing Groups (Fall 2017, Spring 2016, Fall 2016)

Social Science Applications of the R Statistical Package (Spring 2016)

Opportunities for Mid-Career Development (Fall 2015)

Selling Your Story: Presentation Skill Building Series (Fall 2015)

Leadership (Spring 2015)

Improve and Augment your Digital Course Materials (Fall 2014)

Reaching your Goals for Productivity and Personal Well Being (Spring 2014)


Faculty Feedback

"I really love the writing group.  The accountability, dedicated writing time, and positive support are very valuable." Fall 2016 Writing Group participant

[The most valuable part of the Writing Group] was the fact that most people committed to coming regularly, staying the entire time, and focused on writing and not chatting." Fall 2016 Writing Group participant

"The faculty members were all extremely knowledgeable and engaged in effective dialogue throughout the meetings. The group brought positive perspectives and goals to the table." Spring 2016 FIP participant

"[I valued] the ability to connect with other faculty members and discuss how they teach-getting to know that other folks are interested in trying new things in the classroom but are equally as unsure about it as I am!" Spring 2016 FIP participant

"This is what I thought academia was supposed to be like." Spring 2015 FIP participant