Teaching & Learning

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Join us on September 13, 2019 for a half-day conference on teaching and learning, supported by the Teaching Excellence Initiative. Learn more about new opportunities for faculty and graduate instructors under this initiative.

Resources for Teaching with Technology

Moodle Resources

Online tip sheets and video tutorials for Moodle

Presentation Technology

Learn about presentation recording, webinars, podcasts and videocasts, iTunesU, and video conferencing

One-Button Studio

An easy-to-use studio for creating video content and practicing presentations

Lightboard studio

A self serve video production studio with an illuminated glass board that makes it easy to use drawings and illustrations while presenting.

Web Site Development

Assistance with the design and maintenance of UM web sites

Pedagogy and Course Management

Subscribe to The Teaching Professor

UM has a subscription to The Teaching Professor. Email library.serials@umontana.edu from your UM address using the subject line: "Teaching Professor access" to obtain access instructions.

The Pedagogy Project

An initiative out of CHS to provide feedback on classroom instruction

Disability Services for Students

Information on accommodating students with disabilities

Office of the Registrar

Information about FERPA

Service Learning Resources

Resources for developing service learning courses.

Copyright Resources and Issues

Contacts and resources for navigating copyright concerns

Public Domain and Creative Commons: Works You Can Use Freely

A guide to materials that do not pose copyright concerns

Teaching Awards

Humanities & Sciences Awards and Grants

Distinguished Teaching Award

Graduate Assistant Teaching Award

Most Inspirational Teacher of the Year Award

For additional awards, see Charter Day awards list and Employee Appreciation Week awards.



See Assessment page.