Sabbatical Assignment


Any tenured faculty member who has completed six (6) years of satisfactory service at The University of Montana prior to the year for which sabbatical assignment is requested shall be eligible to apply for such assignment. A faculty member starting a sabbatical assignment shall have completed at least twelve (12) semesters or their equivalent of full-time service at The University of Montana since a prior sabbatical assignment. The elapsed academic terms need not be consecutive, but no more than two (2) semesters shall be counted for any one (1) fiscal year. Academic terms for which other types of leave were granted shall be excluded in determining academic terms of service.

Application Process

For Sabbatical Assignment to be granted, an eligible faculty member must formally request assignment. The application for Sabbatical Assignment shall include:

  • A completed Sabbatical Assignment Application Form, including comments and recommendations from the Chair and Dean;
  • a definitive detailed plan for the scholarly or professional use of the Sabbatical;
  • anticipated future value of completion of the Sabbatical to the applicant, students, the department, and the University;
  • a complete vita including a record of all professional activities;
  • a listing of the specific semester(s) for which assignment is requested;
  • a description of any fellowship or grant or other arrangement which would aid in financing or otherwise supporting the proposed project; and
  • the applicant's signed agreement to return to full-time service with the University for a period equal to the length of the sabbatical following expiration of the assignment or to refund the compensation paid him/her by the University during such assignment unless this obligation is specifically waived by the President or his/her designee.

Deadlines for Submission

Following is a list of deadlines for the Sabbatical Assignment application process. The application must completed in the academic year prior to the year in which the Sabbatical Assignment is desired.

October 30: Deadline for faculty member to submit the complete Sabbatical Assignment application (as detailed above) to his or her Dean.

November 20: Deadline for the Dean to submit to the Sabbatical Assignment Committee all applications with comments and recommendations for each.

December 15: Deadline for the Sabbatical Assignment Committee to submit to the Provost its ranking of the applications and its recommendations.

Sabbatical Report

The Collective Bargaining Agreements (Section 11.150) require that a faculty member submit a report summarizing the activities and results of his or her Sabbatical Assignment project within one semester of completion of the Sabbatical Assignment. Please refer to the CBA for more information.

Application Form

Sabbatical Assignment Application Form

If you have questions, please contact the Office of the Provost at 243-4689.