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Personal Safety

Safety at the University of Montana

Public Safety is dedicated to the safety of everyone at the University of Montana and the Missoula College.  Officers cannot be everywhere, so we depend on the community to be our eyes and ears.  It is vital that you trust your instincts and report anything that does not seem right.  Here we have provided some resources to help keep you safe.

Emergency Phones 
    The location of every emergency phone located on campus.

Emergency Notification System
    Learn more about the Emergency Notification System, policies, and procedures.

Emergency Numbers 
    Crucial contact numbers for campus law enforcement and emergency personnel.

     GrizWalk is a free student staffed safety service.

Student Right To Know 
    Polices and Procedures designed to help protect people on campus.

Crime Statistics
    Complete University of Montana safety guidelines.

Crime Report Form 
    Online form for reporting suspicious or criminal activity.

Hate Crime Form 
    Online form for reporting suspicious or criminal activity.

Behavioral Intervention Team 
    Identify, assess, and respond all incidents related to student mental-physical health, or conduct.

Behavioral Intervention Referral Form 
    Confidential report form alerts a team of designated campus executives to student related crises.