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UMPD Dispatch Center

Along with sworn officers available 24/7, the University of Montana also has a full dispatch center.  Dispatchers are fully certified and trained by the Montana Law Enforcement Academy.  All of the staff working in the front office are certified dispatchers

The UM Dispatchers are the people that are next to the phone in case there is an emergency.  They are making sure campus is running smoothly while most of us at home with our family or asleep in our beds.  Not only do they work with the police officers but they also monitor building security and make the necessary calls when things go wrong.  Whether it is a broken pipe that is causing flooding above your office or a burglary alarm, UM Dispatchers watch over the university 24/7.  They are also the first voice you hear if you need help.

UM's Dispatcher of the Year 2013.

Meet Your Dispatchers

Shelley Harshbarger

Internal Operations Manager

Shelley has worked at UM for over 20 years.  In addition to supervising the dispatch center she is also responsible for managing parking personnel.  Shelley is also a certified dispatcher and the dispatch center TAC.  This means she is responsible for ensuring that all dispatchers maintain their certification and training for access to the Montana Criminal Justice Information Network and NCIC.

Cerise McLean

Day time Dispatcher

Cerise has worked for the Office of Public Safety since 2002.  She began working in the area of parking and was promoted to daytime dispatcher.  Although, Cerise's primary responsibility is police dispatch, she has the skills and knowledge to answer any parking questions.  Cerise is also responsible for dispatching weekend and after hour room openings on campus.  If you have questions about building access or need a room opened you can e-mail her at . Cerise was awarded UM Public Safety Dispatcher of the year in 2012.

Deb Schindler

After Hours Dispatcher

As our Lead Night Dispatcher Deb is responsible for scheduling and maintaining our Call Out Book.  She has worked as an after hours Police Dispatcher with the University of Montana since 1996.  Our Call Out Book is our go to resource for building and department after hours emergency contacts.  It is important that each department keep their information up to date in case someone needs to be contacted after hours.  To update your deparment information in the Call Out Book email Deb at .

Patricia Joron

After Hours Dispatch

Patricia has been a law enforcement dispatcher since 1984. Before coming to UM in 2008, she worked for the Montana Highway Patrol as a CSO (Communications Systems Operator) and held the positions of MHP TAC (Terminal Agency Coordinator) and CSO Trainer.  Patricia spent time working for the Department of Justice training dispatchers on the CJIN (Criminal Justice Information Network) system used by the state of Montana.  She brings with her an invaluable knowledge of resources used for dispatching.  Patricia was awarded UM Public Safety Dispatcher of the Year in 2011.  In her spare time, Patricia enjoys reading and walking in the woods with her two dogs.

Robin Miotke

After Hours Dispatch

Mira Patrick

After Hours Dispatch

Mira was awarded UM Public Safety Dispatcher of the year in 2013.

Michelle Hummer

Parking and Dispatch

Rozlyn Haley

Parking Events and Transportation Coordinator/Backup Dispatch