Banner Instructions for Staff

Before You Start

  • Your department should give you guidance on when you have the authority to grant overrides for classes. Generally, you should only grant overrides for courses “owned” by your department.
  • Electronic overrides lift the restriction the student would otherwise see, but the student still must register him or herself for the course in CyberBear.
  • Because students must enroll themselves, the electronic overrides are only valid until the 15th instructional day (or equivalent day for summer) of the semester.

Processing Electronic Overrides

1. In Banner, the screen SFASRPO can be found under Student  -> Registration -> Student Registration Permit-Override [SFASRPO]

2. Enter the student’s ID # and the term for which they need an override.  Banner terms are listed as the year plus a suffix: 30 = Spring, 50 = Summer, 70 = Fall.  So Fall 2017 would become 201770.

3. The top section of the screen is where you will enter information and existing overrides reside. The bottom section displays courses for which a student has already registered and/or waitlisted.

4. In the top section, enter your desired code in a blank line in the “permit” column:

a) If all the lines are filled with other overrides already, click into the bottom line and arrow down on your keyboard to get a blank line. There is no limit to how many overrides can be entered.

b) You may use OR, PREQ, or CLSD

OR: Overrides consent of instructor, major, time, class, cohort, level, pre-reqs & co-reqs

PREQ: Only overrides pre-reqs & co-reqs

CLSD: Only available on instructional days 1 – 15. It allows everything OR does plus the overbooking the capacity of a class.

c) You may use CTO if you are authorized to grant College overrides. It will only override College restrictions.

5. You may enter either the CRN or just the Subject & Course Number (COMX 595, etc):

a) If you enter a CRN, the student will only be able to register for that specific section.

b) If you enter just the Subject & Course Number, the student will be able to register for any section of that course for the specified semester.

6. Type F10 to save

7. The student must then enroll for the course in CyberBear.