Classroom Scheduling

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If the event for which you are wanting to schedule a room is not specifically for a class or ASUM group, you will need to call UC Conference and Events at X4113 for rental fee(s) and other information.

If you wish to schedule a general classroom, at a minimum, you will need to provide to Niki Venable the following:

  • Date(s)

  • Times- beginning and ending
    (if set-up time is required, include with beginning time)

  • Room capacity requirements

  • Whether or not you need an accessible room

  • Building and/or room preference

  • Group or class information

  • Name, telephone number and email address of a contact person

Please note that if the event is advertised or open to the public, it must be in an accessible room

You can notify us by emailing Registrar Rooms.
To request creation of a new course, please use the Course Addition Form.



Due on or before:

Approx # of Weeks Prior to Start of Registration


1st Draft Schedule Sent to Departments by Registrar’s Office

Mon 4 May 2015

24 Weeks


CAS Departments Only - Deadline for 1st Draft Return to CAS Dean's Office (2 weeks)

Mon 8 Jun 2015

19 Weeks


All Departments - Deadline for 1st Draft  Return to Registrar's Office

Mon 15 Jun 2015

18 Weeks


2nd Draft Sent to Depts. from Registrar's Office

Mon 13 Jul 2015

14 Weeks


CAS Departments Only - Deadline for return of FINAL  to  CAS Dean's Office

Mon 17 Aug 2015

9 Weeks


All Departments - Deadline for 2nd Draft  Return to R.O.

Mon 24 Aug 2015

8 Weeks



Mon 31 Aug 2015

7 Weeks


Official Dynamic CyberBear Schedule Available to Campus

Mon 28 Sep 2015

3 Weeks

201630 Course Planning and Advising Period Begins Mon 28 Sep 2015 3 Weeks
201630 Spring 2015 Registration Begins Mon 19 Oct 2015 0