Grading Information


Grades may only be submitted by the primary instructor of the course. Instructor assignments can be viewed in the CyberBear dynamic class schedule.  To make changes to primary instructor assignments, please notify the room scheduler and include the CRN, SUBJ, CRSE #, & SECT # of the course and the 790# of the new instructor.

  • Autumn 2018 grading will open in CyberBear Friday, December 7. 
  • All grades are due by midnight Tuesday, December 18th.
  • All grades will post to student transcripts on or around December 21st.

Grading Information

How to submit grades electronically via CyberBear:

  1. Login to CyberBear
  2. Enter your NetID and password - information regarding your NetID and password can be found on the same page.
  3. Choose “CyberBear for Faculty and Advisers”
  4. Read the FERPA Warning and click the 'I understand the FERPA Warning' button
  5. Choose the “Faculty Grade Entry” link
  6. Select “Final Grades” toward the top if not already selected
  7. All of the courses for which you are assigned as the primary instructor will appear.
    • Hint: You can sort your courses with the up and down arrows at the top of each column
  8. Click a course - the roster will load below the course list
    • Note: On Apple devices, you may need to click a down arrow to expand the list below if it doesn't display
  9. Enter grades one of two ways:
  10. Enter “Last Attend Date” for grades of F, RF, I, NCR, or NC (WRIT courses ONLY)
  11. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page – this both saves your work and records the grade with the Registrar’s Office.
    • Hint:  The system will time out if inactive for 30 minutes, so click “Save” often
  12. The top right of the screen will display any errors that must be corrected (i.e. forgot last attend date)
  13. To double-check that all grades are entered, refresh your browser or log out and back in.  The Grading Status will change from “Not Started” to “Complete” when all grades and required last dates of attendance are entered.  If some grades are still needed, it will show “In Progress”.

Edits can be made freely in the Faculty Grade Entry screen until grading closes for the semester.

If you try to save your grades and you get a frozen spinning wheel or if the page is not displaying properly, such as seeing a student’s name twice, try switching to a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc....)

After grading closes for the semester, you will need to submit a paper grade change form or kick off an electronic grade change form (directions below) to the Registrar's Office.

For linked courses, the grades are most often only submitted for the large lecture roster instead of the discussion/lab rosters.

Click on the e-mail link for Dawn Barnhart located on the right side of the screen. In the email please include the CRN #, course subject and number, student name and 790#, and their grade. (If a student is auditing a course and fails to meet attendance requirements, this link may also be used for reporting "Unsatisfactory Attendance.") It is important that you submit the student's name via this link, so that if a registration error occurred, the Registrar's Office will have the grade on file. Please supply the information for every student you add as noted in the e-mail heading.


Student Roster Information Example
30648 NAS 100H 01 790-15-1515 Jones, Joseph A. B

If you assign an incomplete grade and the alternate grade is not an 'F', then click on the e-mail link for Dawn Barnhart located on the right side of the screen. Please supply the information for every student as noted in the e-mail heading.


Student Roster Information Example
30648 NAS 100H 01 790-45-4585 Jones, Sarah L. B

  • Final grading on CyberBear generally opens during finals week.  See above for exact dates.
  • Enter grades as soon as practical or four calendar days after the final is given in CyberBear log in page 
  • The deadline to enter grades is generally the Tuesday midnight after finals.  See above for exact dates.
  • An explanation of all grades can be found in the Grading Matrix 
  • Faculty grading video instructions
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress processes are run by the Registrar's Office the day following the grade submission deadline. These processes provide for enforcement of faculty academic performance and progress policy, and determine if students are in good standing, placed on probation, or placed on suspension.  These processes must run immediately to allow for enforcement of academic policy.
  • Financial Aid processes are also impacted, as academic standing/progress determines student eligibility for continued receipt of financial aid. If a student earns an F, RF, I, NC or NCR grade, federal financial aid regulations require you submit the last date of attendance for those students.
  • Graduation Audits and Awarding of Degrees are also dependent upon receipt of student grades by the deadline.

Recording Last Date of Attendance is now required for "F", "RF","NC", "NCR" and "I" Grades.  Last date of attendance is not required for NF grades.

  1. Enter F, RF, I, NC, or NCR and the associated last date of attendance for each student in the date format MM/DD/YYYY or click on the calendar and select a day. 
  2. Click 'Save'
  3. You do not have to enter all grades at the same time, but you do have to enter them by midnight the Tuesday after finals week. CyberBear will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  4. Review roster to make sure all grades are submitted correctly including last dates of attendance

Credit/No Credit Grades

  • “CR” is the grade for credit. “CR” must be assigned for work judged “D-” or better for undergraduates.
  • “NCR” is the grade for No Credit. For undergraduates “NCR” must be assigned for work equal to “F” in quality. 
  • Credit/No Credit is undefined in relation to traditional grades for graduate coursework.
  • “CR” and “NCR” may only be assigned if both the course is set up to allow credit/no credit grading and the student chose the grade mode by the last instructional day.
  • “NC” is a no credit, non-punitive grade allowed only for students in WRIT 095 or WRIT 101 who have made significant improvements in writing, but have not achieved passing work and must repeat the course.

“F” Versus “NF”

  • “NF” should be assigned only if the student never attended class. The assumption of the “NF” grade is that a registration error occurred and the “F” grade is not earned. The “NF” grade enables the student to correct a registration error without petitioning.
  • “F” (“RF” for Remedial Classes - those numbered below the 100-level) should be assigned if a student fails a course and attended one or more class days. Please provide last date of attendance using this format: MM/DD/YYYY.

“N” Versus “I”

  • “I” (incomplete) is appropriate when a student has been in regular attendance and passing for a majority of the class meeting, but is unable to finish within the semester for reasons acceptable to you. An “I” will remain on the transcript, preceding the final grade (i.e. IA-, IC, ICR, IF, etc.) as an indicator that the student finished work after the semester. If you wish to assign an incomplete and the alternate grade is not an “F”, see above for directions.
  • “N” (work in progress) is appropriate when the nature of the course requires more than one semester for completion, such as thesis, dissertation, or research. An “N” disappears once the final grade is posted. Undergraduate practicums, clinicals, internships, independent studies, ongoing certifications, or classes that culminate in group travel experiences after the semester may also report “N”s until complete. In general, instructors should not assign “N” grades for regular undergraduate courses. 
  • Neither grade affects a student’s GPA or total credits earned, though they can impact students’ federal financial aid differently. 


  • “W”, “WP”, and “WF” will already appear in the grade column and read "NOT GRADABLE” if the student has officially dropped or withdrawn.  If you believe the student planned to withdraw, but still appears on your roster to grade, please assign the grade they earned.  If the student’s drop request is still being processed, the Registrar’s Office will correct the grade.

***Only to be used for changes from MG, I, or N grades until further notice***

The Electronic Grade Change form is exactly like a paper/hard-copy grade change form.

      • Start your workflow grade change by clicking the "My Processes" link on the left.
      • Select the "Faculty_Grade_Entry" link.
      • Name your workflow (example: GRADE Name of Student).
      • Click the "Start Workflow" button. You will then see your workflow was started successfully.  Click "OK."
      • Your grade change workflow now appears on your Worklist.  Click your newly created grade change workflow.
      • Enter the student’s ID number (790#), semester and 5-digit CRN.
        • Semester must be entered with Banner Term Codes, using the 4-digit year and affiliated 2-digit semester suffix: 30 for Spring, 50 for Summer, 70 for Autumn.  For example, 201770 = Autumn 2017, 201830 = Spring 2018, etc.
      • Click the Complete button to move forward or "Save and Close" to come back later.
      • You will return to your Worklist, but your grade change workflow will take about 30 seconds to fetch the Banner data.  Click the “Worklist” link on the left to refresh your list until you see your grade change workflow reappear.
      • Once your grade change workflow reappears select it. 
      • The student’s name and full course information now appears.  Make sure it is correct.
      • Use the drop down to choose the Type of Change (example: Letter Grade Change or Missing Grade).
      • For Letter Grade Changes, choose both the letter grade you wish to change from (example: N) and to (example: A).  For Missing Grades, just choose the letter grade you wish to change to.
      • Click the “Complete” button to send off the change to the Registrar’s Office for processing. You’re done!

Click the link below to get started:

**Please note: This form is not to be used for large rosters of students. If you have a roster of students that need a grade changed please send your spreadsheet via email from your UM email account to Dawn Barnhart: