Approved Writing Courses

Approved Writing Courses 2012-2013

The following courses are designated as approved writing courses for 2012-2013. Students are cautioned that approved courses may change from year to year. To be used for General Education, a course must be listed as approved in the catalog and in the Class Schedule for the semester a student registers for it.

Course # Title
AAS 372 African American Identity
AAS 374 African American Religious Experience
AAS 450 Prayer and Civil Rights
AASC 167H Nature and Society
ANTY 336 Myth, Ritual and Religions
ARTH 250L (ART 203L) Introduction to Art Criticism
ARTH 434 (ART 368) Latin American Art
BUS 210 Critical Analysis for Business
C&I 287 Business Communication
COMM 410 Communication in Personal relationships
CSCI 215E (CRT 122E) Social & Ethical Issues
CSCI 216E (SCI 220E) Robots, Genetic Engineering and Ethics
ECNS 433 (ECON 440) Economics of the Environment (Environmental Economics)
HC 121L Ways of Knowing
HSTA 103H (HIST 154H) Honors American History I
HSTR 103H (HIST 107H) Honors Western Civilization I
HSTR 300 (HIST 300) The Historian's Craft
HSTR 401 The Great Historians
JOUR 270 Reporting
LIT 110L (ENLT 120L) Introduction to Literature (Introduction to Critical Interpretation)
LIT 120L (ENLT 121L) Poetry (Introduction to Poetry)
LIT 201 (ENLT 201) Introduction to Literary Studies
LIT 210L (ENLT 224L) American Literature I (American Literature to 1865)
LIT 211L (ENLT 225L) American Literature II (American Literature: 1865 to Present)
LIT 220L (ENLT 217L) British Literature: Medieval Renaissance
LIT 221L (ENLT 218L) British Literature: Enlightenment to Romantics
LIT 222L (ENLT 219L) British Literature: Victorian to Contemporary
LS 151L/152L Introduction to the Humanities
MCLG 251L The Epic
MCLG 252/LS 252L Greek Drama: Politics On-Stage
MUSI 302H (MUS325H) Music History II (History of Music II)
NASX 280 (NAS 200) Native American Studies Research Theories Methods
NASX 235 X (NAS202L) Oral and Written Traditions of Native America
PHL 210E (PHIL 300E) Moral Philosophy
RTV 280 Reporting for Broadcast
THTR 330H (DRAM320) Theatre History
UNC 270 Critical Writing II
WBIO 245 Science Writing
WRIT 110 (WTS 120L) Introduction to Literature (Introduction to Critical Interpretation)
WRIT 120L (WTS 121L) Poetry (Introduction to Poetry)
WRIT 121 (WTS 115) Introduction to Technical Writing (Technical Writing)
WRIT 201 (ENEX 200) Advanced Composition
WRIT 221 Intermediate Technical Writing
WRIT 222 (FOR 220) Technical Approach to Writing (Technical Writing)
WRIT 240E (WTS 240E) Ethics and Rhetoric: Writing Arguments on Contemporary Issues

Upper-Division Writing Courses

The following courses are approved as meeting the criteria for the upper-division writing requirement. Students should consult with their advisor regarding the requirement specified by their major.

Course # Title
ANTY 314 (ANTH 314) Principles of Forensic Anthropology
ANTY 400 (ANTH 400) History of Anthropology
ANTY 402 (ANTH 448) Quantitative Ethnographic Methods
ANTY 408 (ANTH 402) Advanced Anthropological Statistics
ANTY 450 (ANTH 450) Archaeological Theory (2/26/09 follow-up: MacDonald)
ANTY 451 (ANTH 451) Cultural Resource Management

ANTY 455 (ANTH 455)

Artifact Analysis

ARTH 350 (ART 303L) Contemporary Art and Art Criticism
ARTH 434H (ART 368H/NAS 368H) Latin American Art
BIOE 371 (BIOL 341) General Ecology Lab (Ecology Lab)
BIOE 428 (BIOL 366) Freshwater Ecology
BIOO 470 (BIOL 304) Ornithology
BIOO 475 (BIOL 306) Mammalogy
BMGT 426 (MGMT 446) Strategic management
BMGT 444 (MGMT 444) Management Communications
BMGT 486 Strategic Venture Management
CHMY 302 (CHEM 334) Chemical Literature and Scientific Writing
COMM 377 Rhetoric, Nature, Environmentalism
COMM 410 Communication in Personal Relationships
COMM 413 Communication and Conflict-Writing
COMM 421 Communication in Nonprofit Organization
COMM 422 Communication and Technology
COMM 424 Risk, Crisis and Communication
COMM 455 Rhetorical Criticism and Theory
COMM 480 The Rhetorical Construction of "Woman"
COMM 481 The Rhetoric of U.S. Women's Activism, 1960 - present
CSCI 315E Computer Ethics and Society
CSCI 499 Senior Thesis/Project
CSD 430 & CSD 440 Senior Capstone I and II
DANC 494 Seminar/Workshop (Junior/Senior Dance Seminar)
ECNS 488-489 Research Method & Thesis Design / Senior Thesis capstone
EDU 397 (C&I 318) Methods: PK-8 Language Arts
ENST 382 (EVST 302) Environmental Law
ENST 335L (EVST 305L) The Environmental Vision
ENST 367 (EVST 367) Environmental Politics and Policy
ENST 487 (EVST 487) Globalization, Justice and the Environment
GEO 320 (GEOS 320) Global Water Cycle
GEO 499 (GEOS 499) Senior Thesis/Capstone
GPHY 433 (GEOG 333) Cultural Ecology
GPHY 335 (GEOG 335) Water Policy
GPHY 499 (GEOG 499) Senior Thesis/Capstone
GRMN 351H (GERM 351H) German Culture to 1900
GRMN 352H (GERM 304H) German Culture from 1900 to the Present
HHP 301 Instructional Strategies in Secondary Physical Education
HHP 372 Rehab of Athletic Injuries
HHP 450 Analytical and Communication Techniques
HSTA 345 (HIST 373) The Black Radical Tradition
HSTA 418 (HIST 470) Women and Slavery
HSTA 419 (HIST 471) Southern Women in Black and White
HSTA 420 (AAS 420) America Divided, 1848-1865
HSTA 455 (HIST 467) Indians, Bison and Horse
HSTA 461 Research in Montana History
HSTA 462 (HIST 401) Regionalism and the Rocky Mountain West
HSTA 471 Writing Women's Lives
HSTR 400 Historical Research Seminar
HSTR 414 Early Modern Britain
HSTR 418 Research Seminar: Britain in the Long Eighteenth Century
HSTR 457 (HIST 445) World of Anna Karenina
HSTR 470 (HIST 437) The Dynamics of Diplomacy
IS 448 Management Game
JOUR 331 Public Affairs Reporting
JOUR 333 Magazine Freelance Writing
JOUR 415 Feature Writing
JPNS 311 Classical Japanese Literature in English Translation
JPNS 312 Japanese Literature from Medieval to Modern Times
JPNS 431 Postwar Japanese Literature
LING 473 Language and Culture
LING 484 North American Indigenous Languages and Linguistics
LIT 300 (ENLT 301) Literary Criticism (Applied Literary Criticism)
LIT 301 (ENLT 323) Studies in Literary Forms
LIT 304 (ENLT 327) U.S. Writers of Color (Literature by US Writers of Color)
LIT 314 (ENLT 335) The American Novel
LIT 315 (ENLT 331) Voices of the American Renaissance
LIT 316 (ENLT 373) Topics in Postcolonial Studies
LIT 327 (ENLT 320) Shakespeare
LIT 331 (ENLT 321) Major Authors (Studies in a Major Author)
LIT 335 (ENLT 336) Women and Literature (American Women Writers)
LIT 342 (ENLT 338) Montana Writers (Montana Literature)
LIT 343 (ENLT 337) African American Literature
LIT 353 (ENLT 353) Milton
LIT 355 (ENLT 355) British Romanticism (British Romantic Literature)
LIT 362 (ENLT 334) Postwar Poetry
LIT 369 (ENLT 369) Short Fiction (Advanced Studies in the Novella and Short Fiction)
LIT 373 (ENLT 371) Literature & the Environment
LIT 375 (ENLT 322) Literary History (Studies in Literary History)
LIT 376 (ENLT 325) Literature and Other Disciplines (Studies in Literature and Other Disciplines: The Bible as Literature)
LIT 494 (ENLT 401) Seminar: Literature Capstone (Capstone Seminar in Literature)
LS 495/ LIT 491 ST: Novel Ancient Modern - One time only Spring 2012 & Autumn 2012
MAR 450 Topics in Film and Media
M 499 Senior Thesis
M 429 (MATH 406) History of Mathematics
MCLG 494 Seminar in Russian Studies
MGMT 445 Small Business Management and Strategic Planning
MUSI 415 (MUS 424) Music of the 20th Century to the Present
MUSI 416 (MUS 436) Topics in Music History
MUSI 417 (MUS 437) Cultural Studies in Music
NASX 494 (NAS 494) Reading Seminar in Native American Studies
PHAR 550 Drug Literature Evaluation
PHL 499 (PHIL 480) Senior Seminar
PHSX 330 (PHYS 330) Methods of Communicating Physics
PSCI 400 (PSC 400) Advanced Writing in Political Sciences
PSYX 400 (PSYC 400) History and Systems of Psychology
PSYX 320 (PSYC 320) Research Methods III (Advanced Psychological Research Methods)
PTRM 451 (RECM 451) Tourism and Sustainability
PTRM 482 (RECM 482) Wilderness and Protected Area Management
RTV 360 Advanced Broadcast Reporting
RTV 361 Newscast Reporting and Producing
RTV 494 Senior Seminar
SOCI 441 (SOC 441) Capstone: Inequality and Social Justice
SOCI 438 (SOC 438) Seminar in Crime and Deviance
SOCI 460 (SOC 460) Capstone in Rural & Environmental Change
SOCI 488 (SOC 488) Writing for Sociology
SW 310 Social Welfare Policies and Services
THTR 331H (DRAM 321) Theatre History II
WGS 363 Feminist Theory and Methods
WILD 408 (WBIO 408) Advanced Fisheries Science
WILD 470 (WBIO 470) Conservation of Wildlife Populations
WILD 497 (WBIO 497) Senior Thesis