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Accidents / Incidents


From time to time, each department or employees within the department maybe faced with an accident which requires the filing of an insurance claim on behalf of the University. Here what you should do:

NOTE - Timely and accurate reporting of accidents and claims is critical in order to protect the interests of the University and its employees.

accidentAuto Accident  ->>>>REPORT->>>>>>>>EHRM

If one is in an accident with a University owned, rented or leased vehicle you will need to contact Kathy Krebsbach, Insurance Coordinator at ext. 2700 or via e-mail at to fill out a State of Montana Report of Incident:

Each University vehicle should have within the glove compartment an "In Case of Accident" Guide to assist you in the steps to take if you are in an accident. A copy of the guide can be found at:

The University of Montana or State of Montana owned, rented, leased or borrowed motor vehicles are covered by liability insurance with liability limits of $750,000 per claimant and $1,500,000 per occurrence. This coverage provides protection to the motor vehicle operator and the University for claims filed by third parties for property damage and personal injury arising out of use of the University of Montana or State motor vehicles. UM motor pool vehicles also carry comprehensive/collision coverage, as do a few of the other departmental vehicles at that department's request. A $250.00 deductible is the responsibility of the department owning or renting the vehicle for any damage sustained by the vehicle.

personinjuryPersonal Injury/Property Damage->>>>>>>REPORT>>>>>>>EHRM

If a non-UM person is injured or property is damaged, Montana Code Annotated requires that a claimant make a written statement of claim to Risk Management and Tort Defense Division in Helena before a claim can be opened. To report that a personal injury has occurred please contact either the Office of Public Safety or Kathy Krebsbach at 243-2700. Click here for Microsoft Word Format Instructions on how to file a claim.

stormProperty Losstheft ->>>>>>>>>>>>>REPORT>>>>>>>EHRM

These are losses to all other state property other than automobile and personal injury resulting from such perils as hail, windstorm, earthquake, fire, theft, flood, etc. Property losses include, but are not limited to inland marine, fine arts, crime boilers and machinery, and aircraft.  In the case of theft or vandalism the Office of Public Safety should be notified immediately, followed by the employee most familiar with the incident immediately notifying his/her supervisor.

The employee/department must fill out a Report of Incident and forward it to Kathy Krebsbach, Risk Management Coordinator in Environmental Health and Risk Management, ext. 2700: