Risk Management and Insurance

Insurance and Risk Management administers the University's property and liability insurance programs designed to provide a safe environment for the campus community, as well as, protect and preserve University assets from adverse effects of physical and financial loss. We provide the following services:

  • Coordination of the University’s comprehensive property and casualty insurance, auto insurance, and tort liability protection with the State Risk Management and Tort Defense Division
  • Claims management for University property, liability and auto losses
  • Issue requested certificates of insurance
  • Administer Vehicle Safety Training for campus community
  • Assist Campus organizations in procuring accident policies for Camps and Events.

Contact: Michele Wheeler, 406-243-2842



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University Volunteers

University of Montana provides an Excess Accidental Injury/Death/Dismemberment policy through the state's insurance program for its volunteers.  This insurance policy is excess of personal insurance and covers accident, injury, medical expenses and dismemberment for volunteers of activities sponsored by the Montana University System. The policy applies to volunteers who provide direct service to the University for Sponsored Events or activities (excluding employees or student interns). A summary of the state's accidental death & dismemberment insurance coverage for volunteers may be found at http://rmtd.mt.gov/insurance/addsummary.asp.

University System volunteers who provide direct service to the university campuses are defined as: 

  1. all volunteers participating in policyholder sponsored and supervised volunteer activities;
  2. all volunteers while travelling directly to and from the activity and home; or
  3. all volunteers while traveling with a policyholder supervised group in connection with such activities.

A University Volunteer Form must be completed prior to each volunteer providing service to UM. The forms are to be sent to Environmental Health and Risk Management so that an appropriate number of volunteers can be collected and reported during the annual Risk Exposure submittal to state Risk Management and Tort Defense Division.  Please be sure that the duration of the volunteer is providing services is included, the estimated hours per day and estimated days per week the volunteer contributes.

More information is available by contacting the EHRM Manager of Risk Management and Insurance. 

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