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Campus Safety Committee

To develop and sustain a campus safety program which is conducive to employee safety and has as a minimum the following basic objectives: 1) a safe working environment; 2) protection of the general public; 3) promotion of employee wellness programs; and 4) reduction of costs associated with accidental losses.

To establish a grass-roots program that provides easy access for employee comment and one that can be evaluated by a reduction of injuries and accidents within the campus community.



      Kathy Benson, Environmental Health & Risk Management

      Chuck Emnett, Environmental Health & Risk Management


James Gannon, Division of Biological Sciences (DBS)

Bruce Bowler, Chemistry


Tonya Kiser, Campus Recreation

Bernadine Gantert, Disability Student Services

Paul Olson, Facilities Services

Josh Hofman, Residential Life

Glenn Kneebone, Mansfield Library

Bob Stevens, Dining Services

Jason McDaniel, Montana Repertory Theatre

Mike Panisko, Environment Health and Risk Management

William Rodda, MIssoula College

Phillip Flukas, Facilities Services

John DeYoung, Resident Life

Rick Honrud, Dining Services

Jackie Hedtke, Adams Center

Chuck Maes, Intercollegiate Athletics

Greg Potter, Facilities Services Grounds

Gary Taylor, Public Safety