MUS Workers' Compensation Program

The University of Montana (UM), as part of the Montana University System (MUS) Workers Compensation Program, wants all UM employees to arrive safely at work, to be able to perform one’s respective job duties in a safe manner and in a safe environment, and then to be able to return home safely.
However, sometimes an event occurs such that the employee is injured on the job, or after several months there’s an increase in pain in a muscle or joint that may be linked to some repetitive task performed at work over time.


Here's what to do:

Step 1 - Employee PLEASE fill out Part A of the First Report of Injury by clicking on icon below.

First Report electronic version

Step 2 - Supervisor PLEASE fill out Part B of the First Report of Injury.

Note to employee and supervisor -> the form is now in two parts and requires both to participate.   Once the employee has provided all the information required for each box and hits the 'next' button, an email with instructions automatically is sent to supervisor. The supervisor then completes the remaining information required, hits print, has employee sign the printed copy and send copy to Mike Panisko at EHRM in Physical Plant bldg via campus mail.  Of course, the supervisor MUST hit the send button for the process to continue as well.


Step 3 - All of the above instructions are clearly stated on the image below. Both employee and supervisor should read through the image.

What to do if I am injured while at work PDF

[click on image to enlarge]

The EHRM department will determine if the injury is serious enough to warrant the supervisor to fill out an accident report.
Supervisor's Accident Report FORM

If you need immediate assistance or can't find what you're looking for please contact Mike Panisko, 243-2842 or 544-6121.