MUS Workers' Compensation Program

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It is highly recommended that the Injured Employee and Supervisor complete the form together, if possible.   Entering both respective emails help expedite the processing.  This new version will provide informative emails to both employee and supervisor at critical parts of the process.

New drop down access should shorten time to complete form.  Tab through the main 'sheets' of information' and expect receiving emails during the setup process.  

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE by EMPLOYEE now a great option to speed up the whole process. 

Have email addresses ready and note electronic signature section for employee.

Both Employee and Supervisor should provide necessary information TOGETHER if possbile.

If an emergency, Supervisor can call Mike Panisko at 243-2842 (or 544-6121) when appropriate.


Contact Mike Panisko, 406-243-2842 or 406-544-6121, with any questions or concerns.