Animal Feed Ordering

Last Review Date: August 27, 2020

I. Purpose/Scope

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to describe the ordering of animal feed and maintenance of the animal feed inventory within the LAR facilities.

II.  Policy

It is LAR policy to meet or exceed all federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines and to comply with all institutional policies and procedures as they apply to the use of animals in research. Personnel must attend any applicable training in animal care and use, occupational health and safety, equipment operation, and Standard Operating Procedures prior to performing activities outlined in this SOP or work under the direct supervision of a trained LAR staff member.

II. Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the Facility Manager to maintain adequate levels of feed within the proper mill date specification, to minimize waste, and to maintain an accurate inventory of all animal feed.

III. Procedure

     A.  Take a complete inventory of all unopened feed on hand.

           1.  Note the mill date on the inventory count form (the mill date is pre-printed on the
                bottom of each feed sack).

     B.  Assemble new feed orders. 

          1.  Feed orders must be placed with Envigo by phone at least one week before the
               expected monthly delivery date.

           2.  All food (and bedding) orders are shipped once per month by Envigo trucks.

           3.  An order confirmation will be sent by email from Envigo.

                a.  Check for accuracy; note any discrepancies to Envigo Customer Care
                      (800) 793-7287.

            4.  Before the feed order arrives, the feed cooler should be all surface cleaned
                 (ASC'ed) with dilute bleach (1%). 

             5.  When the feed arrives, count and check off items from the invoice as well as the
                   Lab Animal Feed Inventory Order Form located in the Health Sciences Building

                   a.  Note the mill dates on the new feed bags on the form where indicated.

              6.  Place the feed in the feed coolers located in Health Science 009.

                   a.  Teklad 2020X feed is stored in HS 009B.

                   b.  All other feed (including Teklad 2016 and 2019) is stored in HS 009C.

                   c.  Arrange the feed so that sacks with the oldest mill dates are used first
See SOP for Feed Storage)

                   d.  Ensure that feed bags are placed at least 6 inches from the wall

                   e.  Mark bags to indicate species to be fed

                    f.  Rotate bags

                   g. Remove and dispose of expired bags (6 months past mill date)