Animal Feed Storage

 Last Review Date: December 15, 2020

I.  Purpose
To maintain proper storage of all feed to ensure the stability of nutrients and to ensure that the feed is used within six months of the milling date.

II.  Responsibility
It is the responsibility of the LAR Staff to properly store, maintain, and use feed within the facility.

III.  Procedure

A.  All feed is stored in two walk-in coolers, which are maintained at 38° F and 55° F,
      respectively, and are located in the Health Science 009.
B.   Coolers are numbered HS009B and HS009C 
C.   Inside these coolers are storage racks to keep feed off the floors.
1.  All feed is to be stacked on the racks.
2.  All feed MUST be a minimum of six inches away from walls.
D.   Feed is stacked and used according to mill dates.
1.  Mill dates are pre-printed on each feed sack.
2.  Feed having the OLDEST mill date is used first.
3.  All feed will be marked with a “USE FIRST” sign that will be updated when the new
     feed arrives or the older mill date runs out.
4.  When new feed arrives (see SOP for Feed Ordering)
5.  Feed is only usable for six months from the printed mill date.
6.  All feed six months from mill date must be discarded
E.   Hay may be stored on pallets in the loading dock
F.   All fruits and vegetables must be stored in a waterproof sealed container. 
      The container must have a feed storage card indicating the date of purchase
G.  Fruits and vegetables should be discarded after 2 weeks
H.  Whenever feed is removed from either cooler it should be logged in the “Food Bag
      Removal Record” which is located inside the door of HS009C. Record the date
      removed, type of feed, amount removed, milling date, which building and room it is
      being taken to, followed by your initials.
          1.  After the feed has been brought to the animal room, remove the existing bag of
               feed and place on the counter
          2.  Place a new bag in the barrel and fill it with new food
          3.  Twist and tuck the extra bag material down around the full portion of the bag
          4.  Place older bag of food on top and replace the lid
          5.  Record the day it was filled, the mill date, and your initials on the food barrel card
          6.  Food barrels should be sanitized monthly, which should also be documented on
               the food barrel card