Husbandry and Care Records

Last Review Date: May 8, 2018

The University of Montana (UM) Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) requires that animal husbandry and care records be kept for at least three years after termination of the activity.  This time frame is in compliance with policies for the Office for Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC).  All records must be available on demand for inspection by UM officials or officials from regulatory agencies.

Policy Procedures

  • Animal Health Records
    • USDA regulated species
      • Animals-on-hand (form # 7019) log in HSB008
      • Individual animal health records
        • Lab-bred Peromyscus, rabbits, guinea pigs: records in HSB008
        • Dwarf hamsters: binder in animal housing room HSB005A
        • Degu: health record binder in HS018C and degu information notebook in HS 008
        • Lab-bred Peromyscus at Field Research Station: records in Climate Control Room
      • Individual surgical records
        • all available in the USDA surgery room
    • Non-USDA regulated species
      • Veterinary health records
        • logs in HSB009 and SB041
      • Bird health records
        • Records at the Research Station at Fort Missoula (main office)
      • Serology records
        • mouse quarantine, rats, rabbits
          • records in HSB009 and IACUC web site
        • SPF mice
          • records in SB041 and IACUC web site
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • Updated versions of SOPs are electronically available on the IACUC or LAR web site
    • Compliance logs are maintained in the office of the IACUC Coordinator