NUAIRE Bedding Disposal Unit

Last Review Date: November 6, 2020

I. Purpose

An Animal Bedding Disposal Unit is used to effectively reduce dust particles when disposing of used animal bedding. The Disposal unit is fitted with a hood and air filter system and effectively protects LAR staff from airborne particles.

II. Responsibility
It is the responsibility of all LAR Staff to know how to properly use and run the Skaggs Building and Health Science Building NUAIRE Animal Bedding Disposal Units

III. Procedure

  • Turn on Disposal Unit
    • Lights
    • Blower
  • Wait about 2 minutes
    • Orange lights will blink for approximately 1 minute.
    • Green lights will blink for approximately 1minute.
    • A solid green light indicates that you can begin to use the disposal unit
  • Remove the lid from the unit and place behind doors on the bottom of the unit
  • Before dumping used bedding, ensure that there is a garbage bag in the disposal unit trash can
  • Dump all non-biohazardous animal bedding into the disposal unit, using a scraper to remove stuck bedding when necessary
  • Remove the bag when full and tie closed
    • New bags are located in the supply closet in NSB, SSB 068, or below the sink in HSB 015A
    • Place a new bag into the disposal unit trash can
    • Place used bags on a cart for final waste disposal. (See Waste Disposal SOP).
  • When finished, replace the lid and turn off unit
  • Clean the NUAIRE Animal Bedding Disposal Unit with Peroxigard
  • Maintenance
    • Change the filter on the disposal unit every month or when needed.
      • clean filters are located in HSB 011A 
        • remove old filter located in the top of the unit and place new filter securely in position
        • Place old filter into a trash bag and take to dumpster. 
    • If the alarm on the disposal unit goes off, you will need to change the filter
      • Note that the filter may be vacuumed periodically to extend its usage
    • After changing or cleaning the filter, write down the date, time, and your initials on the NUAIRE Filter Check-Off Log
  • Annual calibration and certification is performed and documented by a professional company (certification sticker located on the top, front of unit)