Tips for Electronic Submission

SF 424

In regard to the first section of Box 5 of the SF 424 (R&R) form entitled “Applicant Information,” - the legal name of the applicant will be “The University of Montana.”  If requested by the project’s principal investigator (PI), the address of the PI’s unit within the University of Montana may be used in lieu of that of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP).

The contact information in the second section of Box 5 entitled “Person to be contacted on matters involving this application” will be completed using information for the appropriate ORSP designee. All subsequent fields requiring contact or applicant information within the application file that do not specifically call for information regarding the PI will be completed with information pertaining to the University of Montana or its ORSP designee.

Modular Budgets

Although ORSP strongly recommends that a detailed budget be prepared prior to proposal submission, the PI may, at his/her discretion, submit an abbreviated budget for NIH grant applications requiring modular budgets.  This abbreviated budget must detail costs that impact Indirect Cost calculations (i.e., equipment, subcontracts, tuition, and participant support costs). 

It will be the responsibility of the PI to ensure that he/she does not over- or under-estimate the number of modules needed to accomplish the project’s intended scope of work.  It also should be noted that should the project include one or more subagreements, all ORSP policies and practices regarding any subagreements remain in effect, including the need for a detailed subagreement budget prior to the submission of the proposal.  If a PI chooses to submit an abbreviated budget for a proposal submission requiring a modular budget, ORSP will still require an internal detailed budget.