Controlled Substances

Date adopted: February 4, 2005

Last updated: Maarch 5, 2015

This policy addresses the acquisition, use, record keeping, and disposal of controlled substances (narcotic and non-narcotic) regulated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) . This policy is endorsed by the University of Montana (UM) Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The practice and enforcement of these policies will keep all UM animal care and use personnel in compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

All UM employees conducting research with animals are required to comply with these policies. All controlled substances on Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) premises or dispensed by DLAR at any time for any purpose are subject to regulation by DLAR, the IACUC, or any other designated agent of UM.

Contact the IACUC Coordinator (243-6395) for specifics related to DEA registration for the use of controlled substances in research animals at UM.

Policy Procedure

A.   Responsibilities

The IACUC is responsible for the following item

    • Establishing policies for the acquisition, use, record keeping, and disposal of controlled substances in all animal research conducted at the University of Montana
    • Reviewing animal use protocols (AUP) to ensure appropriate clinical applications and handling procedures for controlled substances are being used
    • Monitoring controlled substance records twice yearly during facility inspections
Principal investigators are responsible for the following items.
  • Approved DEA registration to use controlled substances
  • Ordering, receiving, dispensing, and destroying all controlled substances
  • Have an approved AUP to conduct animal research using controlled substances
  • Provide appropriate security for controlled substances
  • Maintaining records of controlled substance use 
B.   Procedures
  • Controlled substances can only be used under an approved and current AUP that contains provisions for the use of controlled substances. Use of controlled substances not included in the relevant IACUC-approved AUP is forbidden.
  • Principal investigators or their designees holding DEA licenses must file a photocopy of their DEA registration with the IACUC Coordinator to verify registration and active status.
  • All controlled substance records are subject to inspection by LAR, IACUC, or other authorized review/compliance individuals without prior notice.