Expired Medical Supplies

Date Adopted: November 5, 2015

Last Review Date: September 12, 2017

I.  Policy

In compliance with USDA regulations, it is the policy of the IACUC that the use of expired medical materials (e.g., drugs, fluids, sutures, anesthetics, sedatives, or analgesics) during any survival surgical procedure is inconsistent with adequate veterinary care as required by the regulations outlined by the Animal Welfare Act and therefore prohibited.

II.  Exception

Expired medical supplies (except for expired analgesics, sedatives, anesthetics and euthanasia solution) may be used in acute terminal procedures where an animal is anesthetized during the procedure and euthanized without recovery.
Expired medical supplies, intended for use in acute terminal procedures, must be boldly labeled as expired and stored separately from in-date medical supplies.