Using Tissue Specimens Generated from Another Institution's Animal Use Protocol

Date adopted: April 11, 2006

Last Review Date: September 11, 2020


I.  Policy

University of Montana faculty may receive tissue specimens from other investigators who have their own Animal Use Protocol (AUP) at a different institution. In order to receive the animal tissue specimens, the UM faculty member must answer the following questions:

A.  Have any manipulations (such as dietary changes, biopsies, etc.) of live animals  
      occurred specifically for your research use?

B.  Is the animal being euthanized specifically for your research use?

If the response is ‘YES' to either question, the UM investigator must submit an AUP to the University of Montana Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) detailing the research that will generate the tissue specimens. The AUP approval process will proceed as outlined in the AUP Policy listed elsewhere.

If the response is ‘NO' to both questions, the UM investigator must fill out a Tissue Use Approval Request Form and submit it to the IACUC Coordinator, This form will be approved administratively by the IACUC Coordinator in consultation with the AV. The Tissue Use forms are approved for 3 years and all Tissue Use forms are kept on file for at least three years after the conclusion of the study. The submission and approval of these forms will be reported at the next scheduled IACUC meeting.