Provision of Veterinary Care

Date Adopted: December 9, 2008

Last Review Date: September 11, 2020


I.  Policy

Adequate veterinary medical care is an essential component of an animal care and use program and is required by the PHS Policy and Animal Welfare Regulations (AWRs). It is the responsibility of the University of Montana (UM) to support ongoing improvements in the animal care and use program through the development and implementation of procedures and policies that enhance the health of the animals. Clear provisions shall be made to give the veterinarian appropriate authority to execute a program of adequate veterinary care, including access to all animals.

A.  The Institutional Official for UM shall provide an Attending Veterinarian (AV)
      through contract, employment or any reasonable, effective device.

B.  All animals involved in UM-affiliated animal care and use shall be subject to 
     inspection by the AV or the AV's designate at any time or in any place.

C.  No party shall restrict, inhibit or otherwise obstruct access to said animals or
      animal care and use activities.

D.  No party shall provide false information regarding the welfare, care or use of

E.  Routine and/or emergency veterinary care shall be available 24/7/365 to all
     animals covered under an Animal Use Protocol (AUP).

F.  Contact information for the AV or emergency care shall be conspicuously posted
     in all facilities and on the website.
G. The AV will be the final agent for decisions regarding the provision of veterinary

H.  The AV may deny a Principal Investigator (PI) approval for treatment or use of an
     animal. However, such denial of use can be appealed by the PI to the
     Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) through the full committee
     AUP review process or through IACUC complaint procedures.