Training for Lab Animal Users

Date Adopted: September 7, 2005

Last Review Date: October 30, 2017


I.  Protocol

  1. All laboratory animal users and PIs are required prior to beginning work on an approved Animal Use Protocol (AUP) to,
    1. Complete user-specific training module(s) on the CITI training web page     determined by the animal species included on the AUP under which they are working and procedures being performed (update online training every 3 years)
    2. Participate in OH&S Risk Assessment (update every 3 years or more often if health status changes)
    3. Attend one-on-one training with a LAR staff member for safe and proper use and exit of LAR facilities and for any relevant work-related OH&S training (one-time training or as needed)
    4. Attend didactic laboratory animal user training at earliest possible opportunity (attend once each year)
  2. Individual Griz card access to the animal areas will be granted once online training, risk assessment, and one-on-one training are completed.  Didactic training must be completed at the earliest possible opportunity for Griz card access to be maintained.
  3. Mandatory update of training:
    1. Didactic training update every year
    2. Online species-specific training update every 3 years
    3. OH&S risk assessment update every 3 years (or more often if health status changes)