Public-Private Partnerships

Working with the University

Care must be taken to insure no conflict of interest occurs between the need for contributing to economic development and the mission of teaching, scholarship, and public service of the University. University contributions to economic development will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Providing space and services at a fair market price for the purpose of incubating new and existing profit and not-for-profit  organizations. The services might well include: availability of chemical stores, telephone service, computing equipment, graphic arts, etc. In order to cooperate and collaborate with a private sector organization, the University may forgo immediate payment in the form of indirect costs, rent, or sales, in exchange for stock or a share of anticipated income.
  2. The University will work with private and governmental economic development organizations as those organizations seek to attract new industries to the State or help to expand existing enterprises. In this effort, the University may provide services as a contribution to Montana’s economic development, or may charge for the services as appropriate.
  3. The University will cooperate with faculty seeking to develop private enterprises, which may include the renting of facilities in those cases where the University believes such rental is in the best interest of the University and to the economic development of the State. Such cooperation will have as its prime focus technology transfer. In all cases, no conflict of interest will be permitted between the responsibility of a faculty member and the individual’s role in private enterprise
Policy Number 704: Economic Development Policy