About LCV Apartments

You can request a roommate at the time you submit your application. If you live at Lewis and Clark Village and your roommate moves out you can request a roommate. Lewis and Clark Village tries to accommodate as many roommate requests as possible based on availability of vacant apartments and rooms. Contact Cheryl Greely with specific questions regarding roommate requests.
All beds are standard full size.
All apartments are furnished in the common area with a sofa, chair in the common area. The kitchen includes full sized appliances (stove, refrigerator and dishwasher) and a microwave in the kitchen. The bedrooms are furnished with a bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, bookcase and pedestal file cabinet. Trash cans are not furnished in the apartment, and a shower curtain is not furnished in the bathroom.
The bedrooms are all 12X11 (132sq. feet).

About Living in LCV

You check in at the Lewis and Clark Village Office Monday–Friday 1:00pm-8:00pm, outside of these days and times, please contact the LCV Office by calling 406.552.3409 or the on call phone 406.544.8724.
Your move in date is the date you request on your Lewis and Clark Village housing application. Assignments are made based on availability of rooms at the time you requested to move in.
A parking decal is part of the move in packet.  All students who have a vehicle do need a LCV parking pass identifying their vehicle as belonging to a student who lives there.  Parking decals expire August 31 of each year so new ones will be needed and can be obtain in the Lewis and Clark Village office.
If you have a vehicle, you may park in the Lewis and Clark Village parking areas with a current parking permit which is supplied at no charge at the time of your check in.
Yes, the parking permits for Lewis and Clark Village expire August 31 of each year.  You will need to complete a new vehicle registration form each year to receive a new permit
Contact the office at Lewis and Clark Village for a Request to Transfer form.  If rooms are available during the semester we can move you to a new location.  If a room is not available, when one becomes available during the semester, or at the end of the semester, we will contact you to coordinate a move date.
Rent is posted to student’s UM account (CyberBear) monthly approximately eleven (11) days from the 1st day of each month.  If a resident wishes to pay their rent in advance by requesting rent posted in advance at least 24 business hours before making the payment. Requests must be submitted by 4:00pm in order for rent to be added to the account by the next business day.

Requesting Advance Rent
  • Go to the Residence Life Forms page
  • Select Advance Rent Request Form
  • Complete Advance Rent Request Form
Contact the Village Assistant (VA) for your building or come into the office. We are available to assist you with conflict resolution.

Maintenance requests can be completed by the tenant on line for regular maintenance requests.  To do this:

  • Log into umhousing.sa.umt.edu
  • Select Work Orders
  • Select the area in which you are requesting maintenance
  • Select New Work Order
  • Select Room Space for common area followed by Category and Item

You can view the status of work orders by logging in and selecting the work order and clicking View/Modify.

For Emergency requests i.e. clogged toilets, water leaks, etc. please contact the Lewis and Clark Village Office by coming into the office or calling 552-3409, or sending an email to Cheryl Greely.

Any maintenance request can submitted by calling or coming into the Lewis and Clark Village Office.

Once work order has been submitted either in person or by phone, it generally takes 24-48hrs (1-2 working days) for maintenance staff to do the repair.  Work orders are prioritized if there are other emergencies (water leaks, etc) it may take longer.

About Moving Out

A 60 day vacate notice is required, NO EXCEPTIONS. You will be charged up to 60 days rent unless 60 days notice is given.  Vacate dates may not be extended except in case of extreme emergency. Rooms are reassigned to new residents based on vacate dates.

  • If you indicated a vacate date beyond 60 days, you will be charged through that date.
  • If you indicated less than 60 days, you will be charged 60 days from the date of receipt of the notice.
  • If you do not vacate by the date you indicated, we will re-key the unit and place your belongings in storage. You will be billed for the re-key as well as transfer and storage of your belongings.

If you move out and want to live at Lewis & Clark Village in the future, even if it is the next semester, you will need to submit a new Lewis & Clark Village housing application with the deposit and application fee as well as being placed on the wait for assignment list for a room to become available.

You may submit your 60 day intent to vacate notice online using the Vacate Form.

For more information about moving out, please see the Vacate Policies & Procedures Guide.

After your roommate moves out Lewis and Clark Village staff (VA) will come in and check the vacated bedroom and do a visual check for damages in the common areas.  Maintenance staff (custodian, carpenter and electrician) will then individually come in to their appropriate check of the vacant bedroom. Dates and times are difficult to schedule due to other work orders and priorities. This can take ten – fourteen working days depending on the time of year. 

Roommates are reassigned to the vacant room. You can check CyberBear or the LCV office with questions.

When you move out of Lewis & Clark Village after your room has been checked and any charges for damages or cleaning are posted then the deposit is released to your student account (CyberBear).  If there are no other charges owing to University of Montana a refund is issued through NelNet. You should expect the refund within 30 days of the return of your keys to the Lewis & Clark Village office.