Programs & Events

Student using a cider pressResidence Life's goal is to develop positive, inclusive, and respectful communities on our floors, in our buildings, and campus-wide to enhance the college experience for our residential students. Our Resident Assistants (RAs) provide programs to create that community or sense of belonging for the students living in the Residence Halls. We provide programs to encourage personal development for our residents and give them socially and educationally enriching opportunities that they may otherwise never experience.

Programming Boards

Want your voice to be heard?  You came to the right place.  The UM Residence Life Office is proud to offer Programming Boards in your hall or area so that YOU as a resident can plan programs, gain leadership skills, and have a direct impact and input into your hall community.  Beginning in the Fall 2015 semester there will be 4 Programming Boards on campus: 1-Aber, 2-Craig/Elrod/Duniway, 3-Jesse/Turner/Knowles, and 4-Miller/Pantzer.

A Programming Board is a group of students who come together to plan events for their hall community, discuss what they want their hall community to be like, and make it all happen.  Led by our Community Development Coordinators (student-staff leaders in the halls), the Programming Boards will be structured with Hall representatives, Chairs of interest areas (such as Finance, Sustainability, Event Planning, and more!), and general body members.  Together, all of the members of the Board will meet to plan monthly events for the halls, keep everyone updated on what is currently happening in the halls, and work to improve the experience of all residents. 

Interested in being a leader in your hall? Residence Life will host Info Sessions at the beginning of the academic year and students can then consider the Hall Rep or Chair positions!

Not wanting to be a leader right away?  No problem! You can join the board just as a member to give input and help plan events, or you can simply attend the wonderful events the Programming Boards put on for you!

Floor and Hall Events

Our Resident Assistants create this community through a variety of different programs they plan and organize each semester. Each RA is required to plan and organize six different events for their residents each semester. These events are two different social events and four educational events focusing on scholarship, leadership, diversity & interculturalism, and personal responsibility. In addition to these six events, each RA hosts three floor snacks. A floor snack is when the floor members come together for a chance to hang out while enjoying a snack provided by UM Dining. The events hosted by the RAs are focused on that RAs floor community, but students are welcome to attend any event hosted within their Residence Hall. This allows them to meet and connect with students from across the building and experience a wide-variety of programs while living in the Residence Halls.

Examples of common floor and hall programs include:

  • Presidential Lecture Series
  • Academic Advising Fair
  • Relaxation Around The World
  • G-Wiz Magic Show
  • Shake it Out With Zumba!
  • Hike the M
  • Stress Less with Curry Wellness
  • Light Up The Night with the Women’s Resource Center
  • Blood Drive
  • Oktoberfest with Curry Wellness
  • Involvement fair with SIN
  • Cider Press with Eco Reps
  • Self-Defense class
  • Diversity fair with the Student Involvement Network
  • Body Love
  • Rock-climbing
  • Day of the Dead program

All Residence Hall Events

In addition to events hosted by the RAs for their floor, Residence Life hosts multiple all Residence Hall events.

Hall Brawls

Image of the Turner Knowles students at GO DayEach month Residence Life hosts a Hall Brawl for all students living in the Residence Halls.  The year starts in August with GO Day and then each Residence Hall staff take turns hosting these events to allow students to meet others from across campus while building Hall Pride and Spirit.

To go along with the Hall Brawls, each Residence Hall has a team color that they are encouraged to wear while attending the Hall Brawls. The team colors are: Aber- orange, Craig/Elrod/Duniway- lime green, Jesse- red, Miller/Pantzer- purple, and Turner/Knowles- bright blue.  By attending the Hall Brawls, students can build a greater sense of community with their fellow Hall-mates while also meeting other students living across campus.

Academic Programming

Campus Resources FairResidence Life also partners with Undergraduate Advising, Career Services, and Student Wellness through the Curry Health Center to offer all Residence Hall students more programming focused on the academic needs of students.  Programs provided by this collaboration include a Resource Fair, Information on Spring Registration, Studying for Final Exams, Getting a Better Start to Your Spring Semester, Exploring Majors, and Resume Writing.  These programs strive to address academic stressors that many first time students may be experiencing as they transition into college and can learn about the vast array of resources available to them on campus. Often the Writing Center and Math Lab are in attendance at the programs to connect with students.