Policies - University Villages

In general, students are expected to behave in a considerate and responsible manner, which respects the rights of the University and of any other person who may be affected by their actions. All University Villages tenants are expected to abide by the Student Conduct Code. In addition to the Student Conduct Code, Residence Life has outlined the following policies in our UV Tenant Manual for tenants living in and visiting University Villages.

The University Villages Office reserves the right to develop other rules and regulations as necessary for the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises, and for the security, comfort and convenience of all occupants. Failure of The University of Montana, University Villages Office to enforce any of these Policies & Regulations shall not be construed as a waiver of terms. They shall remain in full force and effect.

In addition to the Student Conduct Code, Residence Life has outlined the following policies for tenants living in and visiting University Villages:

Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol Use

University Villages  rules regarding alcohol follow the University of Montana, and state and federal statutes regarding use of alcohol. The use and possession of alcohol is permitted in the privacy of the apartments. Keggers and parties involving large amounts of alcoholic beverages which would involve large numbers of people and an excessive amount of noise are prohibited. This type of activity is disruptive to the environment necessary for residents to pursue their academic goals. Disruptive behavior will be dealt with under the Student Conduct Code, city ordinances and/or state statutes.


Drugs are prohibited in University housing at all times. The University Villages staff is instructed to call the Office of Public Safety and let law enforcement take over a situation if drugs are suspected to be present. The University has strict policies regarding the illegal use and abuse of substances. Federal Student Financial Aid is immediately withdrawn if a student is criminally convicted of a drug crime.

Medical Marijuana

Although the State of Montana law permits the use, possession, and cultivation of medical marijuana, federal laws prohibits use, possession, and/or cultivation in educational institutions and other recipients of federal funds.  The use, possession, and/or cultivation of medical marijuana is therefore prohibited in University of Montana housing facilities or anywhere else on the University of Montana premises.  Even if a student, faculty, or staff member possesses documentation permitting the use, possession, and/or cultivation of medical marijuana, this activity cannot occur on University of Montana premises.

Facility Usage

Alterations to Apartments

  • Please do not make any permanent alterations, additions, or repairs to your apartment. 
  • Outdoor storage buildings, sheds, etc., are not allowed within the University Villages apartment complexes.
  • Please do not put glue-tab or adhesive-backed picture hangers, coat hooks, shelves, etc. on walls, woodwork, or doors.
  • Apartments are painted as necessary, but generally not during the term of occupancy.
  • Surge protectors are required with use of your personal computer.  University Villages will not be held responsible for any damages caused by equipment not properly installed. 
  • Craighead/Sisson/Elliott Village—There are glass inserts for the storm doors at your apartment.  For Craighead –Sisson the inserts are in the hallway closet and for Elliott Village apartment the inserts in the furnace rooms.  These inserts will be beneficial during the colder months in trying to keep heat from escaping.


Barbecues are allowed in University Villages, however we would ask that everyone take these precautions and safety guidelines when using their grills: 

  • Please do not use barbecues on porches, steps or sidewalks. You may use these items on grass areas away from sidewalks and buildings if you take precautions not to harm the grass.Never leave a grill with hot charcoal unattended.  We have several young children playing around the apartments and they can easily be burned.
  • When you have finished using the grill, wait for the coals to cool completely, or extinguish them with water before discarding.  NEVER put hot or warm coals in a trash bin.
  • Lighter fluid and matches can not be left outside for small children to play with.


Bike theft is very common, so please be sure to always lock your bike up when you are not using it.  We ask that residents park and lock their bikes up in the racks provided in the various courts.  Please do not chain or lock them to the stairwells or walkways as this is against the State of Montana fire safety codes.  


Residents are permitted to have a business within their apartment as long as it follows these conditions:  1)  is approved by the Residence Life Office located in Turner Hall and 2) does not violate any polices of the rental contract for University Villages.


UV Residents are responsible for the lawn areas outside of their apartments. This includes ensuring all the lawn is free of toys, garbage and animal waste as to ensure maintenance is able to mow the areas.


Playgrounds are provided for the children of residents in each area of the University Villages complexes. Parents assume all responsibility for supervising their children on the playground. Please notify the University Villages Office of any structural hazards in the playground equipment. Your cooperation is expected in keeping the playground safe and clean. Due to the proximity of the playgrounds to some apartments, tenants must be aware of noise level and being considerate of others. There is a 9:00 pm quiet hour policy for all basketball courts in University Villages due to the proximity of some courts and apartments.

We prohibit potentially dangerous toys and sports equipment on University Villages property. This policy applies to BB guns, gasoline-powered toys, bow and arrows, golf balls and clubs, bats, weapons, and any other dangerous items. Small children can get hurt when these items are present.

All children must be supervised at all times.

Satellite Dishes

Please note satellite dishes of any size are not permitted in University Villages for maintenance and safety reasons.


You may display approved signs, only in designated areas in the University Villages Office, Wash Houses, and Community Center. To get approval for your postings, please stop by the University Village Office.

Speed Limit

The speed limit within all University Villages areas is 10 mph. Please use caution and drive slow. Please note that there is also a one-way street in University Villages, behind the Craighead and Sisson buildings. Please obey this street direction so traffic flows easily.

Tickets will be issued for traffic and parking violations by the Office of Public Safety, who will be enforcing this 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. All tickets need to be paid to their office at Physical Plant Building 32.


The children will enjoy running through the sprinklers at University Villages. We do ask that you inform your child to not play with the sprinklers at any time. If we determine a sprinkler was damaged due to improper use, the cost to fix the sprinkler may be assessed to the tenant.

Storage Policy

In an effort to keep our area clean, the following items may not be stored outside your apartment.

  • Furniture ex: Mattress, bookcases, beds, bed frames, futon frames, dressers, couches kitchen chairs, sofas (Only exception will be for actual outdoor furniture that is kept neat and tidy outside the apartment and does not cause any problems for life safety codes. Life safety codes involve being able to access the apartment if there was a life-threatening emergency.)
  • Appliances ex: Freezers, refrigerators, lawn mowers
  • Automotive Supplies: tires, oil, gas cans
  • Trash/Trash cans: *Garbage cannot be stored for any amount of time outside your apartment—this is a no tolerance policy at University Villages your garbage needs to be taken immediately to the dumpster provided. If garbage is left outside your apartment and our staff has to remove you will be billed for the removal. Thank-you for your cooperation in this matter.
  • Cardboard boxes—these can be disposed of by the recycling bins throughout University Villages
  • Sports Equipment ex: canoes, boats, skis, motorcycles
  • Excessive Toys: Tenants will be given a notice naming the item(s) to be removed and given a date that the removal needs to be completed by. If our crew has to remove any of the above named items, there will be a $25.00 charge assessed to the resident’s account. Most items that are collected are taken to the dump.

Vehicle and Parking Regulations

You will need to renew your decal for University Village parking before August 31st of each year.

  • The parking lots in University Villages are designated scramble parking. All parking lots are restricted to tenants only. University Villages parking decals are FREE and are limited to two (2) registered, licensed and operable vehicles per apartment. All vehicles will require a University Villages parking decal to park in any University Villages parking lots. Vehicles inoperable for longer than two weeks must be removed.
  • University Villages only allows personal vehicles and does not allow nay recreational vehicle, including but not limited to, campers and motorhomes to park in University Villages lots. University Villages also does not allow boats, trailers, buses.
  • Abandoned vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Driving on the lawn is strictly prohibited in all areas of University Villages and carries an automatic $25 fine plus any costs for replacing damaged sprinkler heads and grass. Also Prohibited: 1) parking in the yellow-painted curb areas, 2) extension cords for head bolt heaters and 3) parking so that vehicle bumpers extend over sidewalks, which makes snow removal difficult.
  • Utility vehicles may not be parked at University Villages.
  • Maintenance on cars should be kept to a minimum, e.g. no cars on jacks, changing of oil, or draining cooling systems for extended periods of time.
  • Visitor parking will be limited to four areas: 1) City street parking, 2) the west side of Yreka Court where designated, 3) the north end of Helena Court where designated, and 4) Cinnabar Drive, north and south ends where designated.
  • All two-wheeled vehicles must be parked in a designated parking space and are not allowed on sidewalks, landscaped areas or porches/patios. Parking 2 two wheeled vehicles in one space is permitted.

Wading Pools

We do ask that parents supervise their children at all times their child is in the pool. We also ask that you empty the pools after each use so the warm sun does not heat the pool and kill the grass underneath. Please store the pools up against your apartment walls so our lawn mowing crew can maneuver easily.

Fire Safety

Do not risk your life in the case of fire.  Call the fire department immediately at 911, evacuate the unit and then notify the University Villages Office.  In the interest of fire safety, keep all stairways, landings, balcony walkways and breezeways clean and free of obstructions such as children’s toys, bikes, boxes, furniture, tires, large plants and the like.  We reserve the right to remove any obstructions that create unsafe or unsightly conditions. Open burning is prohibited in Missoula city limits, unless approved by City Fire Department and a valid permit is issued.

Smoke Alarms

All smoke alarms must remain operational at all times.  Tenants should never disconnect smoke alarms for any reason.  Please note: removing, disconnecting or tampering with the smoke alarm or fire extinguisher is grounds to terminate your lease. Your apartment has at least one battery-operated or electric smoke alarm.  When the battery wears down, the alarm will “chirp” every few minutes.  Please contact the University Villages Office immediately and we will provide you with a battery so you can replace the old one. 

Candles and Incense

Candles and incense have been found to be a severe fire hazard, and their use is prohibited in the apartments. Wickless candles are an acceptable alternative and provide fragrance without the flame.

Fire Extinguishers (Craighead/Sisson and Elliott Village Only)

Your apartment has one 5-pound ABC-type fire extinguisher.  Check the fire extinguisher’s charge periodically and call the UV Office immediately when it needs recharging. 


You can store your firearms in your apartment; however the University Villages Offices requires that you register them at the time they are in your possession. 

Fireworks and Combustibles

Fireworks, gunpowder and other combustible materials or substances which endanger health and safety in the University Villages area are not permitted.

General Behavior


To conform to state laws, no form of gambling is permitted in University Villages.


Guests and visitors staying longer than three (3) days must be reported to the University Villages Office. Tenants are responsible for their guests and their compliance with all the University Villages and University policies.

Keys and Lockouts

Please take care of your apartment keys to avoid unnecessary lockouts and/or key fees. If you lock yourself out of your apartment, anytime, any day, you can check out a temporary key from the University Villages Office for $10.00.  To check out a key you must be listed on the application card.  Please notify the UV Office if there are changes regarding those listed on the application card that may or may not have access to a key.  Example:  If you have a babysitter that locks them self out, they should be listed so they can re-enter the apartment. If you lock yourself out after hours, between 5:00 pm and 8:00 am on weekdays, or any time on the weekend, or holidays you will need to contact the Community Assistant on Duty (call 243-6030) to get a key checked out to you for $10.00. All keys checked out must be returned within 24 hours or the key may be considered lost and your apartment re-keyed for safety reasons.  You will also be subject to charges filed under the Student Conduct Code.

Please report lost keys immediately to the University Villages Office.  We do not charge to replace a lost key, however if you don’t find the key by the time you vacate the apartment, we will charge a re-key fee of $35 for each exterior door. You may have the apartment re-keyed when you lose a key or wait until you move out. If you don’t return the correct number of keys when you move out, we will charge $35 per exterior door to re-key the apartment immediately.  Keys are the sole responsibility of the tenant who checks them out.

Noise and Disturbances

In accordance to Missoula city ordinance of quiet hours being at 10:00 pm, our quiet hour policy is enforced (7) seven days a week from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.  We will also enforce a 9:00 pm quiet hour time for the basketball courts due to the proximity of some courts and the apartments.  Please discuss any disturbances with your neighbors first. If you are unable to resolve your differences, try talking to your Community Assistant about other possible solutions.  We also have a no-charge mediation program, where parties can sit down with a neutral party and talk about the issues confronting them.   Call the University Villages Office for more information on the mediation program (243-6030) or talk to your Community Assistant.

While the hours between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. are considered quiet hours we ask that everyone have common courtesy during the day, and especially in the afternoons when small children may be napping, or students are studying.  Please keep stereos and televisions at a reasonable volume level and we suggest a pillow being placed under speakers for bass control.

You are responsible at all times for the actions of your children and guests.  Report any security problems or vandalism to the Office of Public Safety, 243-6131 and to the University Villages Office, 243-6030.


Fish are the only pet allowed in University Villages apartments.  Residents with a per violation may be  evicted.  This policy also applies to any guests visiting a tenant. Pets are not allowed for any reason. If pets are found on the premises, violators will lose their entire damage deposit and be immediately evicted through the Student Conduct Code process.  Any damages, including the replacement of carpet, will be billed to your student account. 

Exceptions will be made for individuals requiring a service  or companion animal.  This request must go through the Disability Services for Students Office located at the Lommasson Center 154.  This request must be submitted and approved, prior to the animal being at the apartment.


Only door-to-door canvassing related to non-commercial activity is permitted in the University Villages complex. Commercial solicitations including, but not limited to, door-to-door sales, are prohibited.  Commercial solicitation does not include delivery service.  All forms of solicitation, including non-commercial solicitation, are prohibited at University Villages complex which post a “No Solicitation” sign.  Dissemination of information by authorized University of Montana offices and representatives shall not constitute solicitation for purposes of this policy.  Please report any unauthorized soliciting or canvassing to the University Villages Office 243-6030. 

Tobacco Free UM

Residence Life supports The University of Montana’s tobacco free campus policy, and does not permit the use of tobacco products in any of our residence halls and apartment buildings. All buildings are designated “No Smoking” in all areas including student rooms or apartments. Smoking and the use of tobacco products (ex. chew, snuff, etc.) are not allowed in any public areas including study rooms, restrooms, hallways, stairways, lobbies, elevators, lounges, student rooms, etc.

In accordance with The University of Montana’s tobacco free policy, students may also not smoke or use tobacco products outside the residence halls and apartment buildings on campus property. Tobacco use is allowable at the following locations: Sidewalks along Beckwith, Arthur, 5th and 6th Streets west of Maurice, Maurice north of 6th, Kim Williams trail, and all properties outside of those borders and beyond boundaries of any property of The University of Montana.

Violent and Sexual Offenders

Any student or student dependent who has been designated as a violent or sexual offender by a county, state, or federal court and who is requesting housing in University facilities must notify the Residence Life Office of this information prior to execution of the contract.

The Residence Life Office must also be notified when a student or student's dependent residing in University residence halls or University Villages is designated as a violent or sexual offender within 24 hours following such designation by a county, state, or federal court. The University reserves the right to review the student tenant's or student tenant dependent's offender status and the potential risk to the community due to the tenant's or tenant dependent's residence in the University residence halls or University Villages. After such review the University may deny occupancy to a tenant or a tenant's dependent based on either offender's designation status. A student's failure to provide this required notification may also result in the student's unauthorized occupancy of University premises or other University of Montana Student Conduct Code violations, subjecting the student to Student Conduct Code disciplinary proceedings.

Roommate Policies

University Villages is housing primarily for families and students with disabilities.  Families in need of housing receive a priority status and are offered housing before single students or roommates.  Single students qualify for studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments. In order to live in a 2 bedroom apartment single students must have a roommate who is also a University of Montana student and who is enrolled in at least 7 units per semester. Three and 4 bedroom apartments are strictly reserved for families. The following policies apply to all single students with roommates at University Villages:

  • Roommates living in a 2 bedroom apartment are each required to pay a $300.00 damage deposit.  Damage deposits are not transferable between students.  Damage deposits are transferable from the Lewis & Clark Village.
  • Two bedroom units are allowed only 1 roommate change. If the unit has already had 1 roommate change and a roommate wishes to vacate, both roommates will be required to vacate the unit. Exceptions to this may be approved by the University Village office as long as one original roommate continues to live in the unit.
  • If a roommate wishes to vacate they must fill out a 30 day notice and submit it to the University Villages Office.  The vacating roommate may move out at any time after the 30 day notice has been submitted but will be charged rent through the 30 days if another roommate has not moved into the unit during that time.
  • The vacating roommate is required to turn  his/her key in to the University Villages office the day he/she vacates the unit.
  • The remaining roommate is required to find a new roommate within 30 days after the vacating roommate has left the unit.  If a new roommate is not found within this time frame the unit no longer meets the occupancy guidelines and the remaining roommate will be required to vacate.
  • All new roommates are required to come to the University Villages office and fill out an application ($20.00 application fee is waived).
  • All new roommates are required to come to the University Villages office and sign a Rental Agreement form.
  • All new roommates are required to complete a Move-In Check Sheet within 5 days of occupancy.  The Move-In Check Sheet must be filled out to indicate any damages that are present within the unit at the time the new roommate takes occupancy.  If the Check Sheet is not returned within this time frame the new roommate assumes joint responsibility with the current roommate for all damages present.
  • If any damages are listed on the Move-In Check Sheet at the time it is returned to the University Villages office an inspection may be scheduled to inspect the damages and assess charges to the current roommate and the vacating roommate.
  • Damage deposits are returned to vacating students only after 1) the unit has fully vacated, an inspection has been completed by the University Villages office and any charges for damages/cleaning have been applied to each roommates student account or 2) a new roommate has moved in, a Move-In Check Sheet has been returned to the University Villages office, an inspection has been completed (if required) and any charges for damages have been applied to the remaining & vacating roommates student accounts.