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Retirees' Association

The University of Montana—Missoula

Retiree MUS Benefits

The Inter-Unit Benefits Committee met January 24 in Helena to make decisions regarding benefit changes for the upcoming 2013-14 Montana University Employee Benefit plan.  It was reported the plan has $47 million in reserves. Motions were passed to adopt the changes required by the PPACA federal ruling;  use the fund balance to pay for the flex administrative fee; increase specialty drug co-pays from $0/$50 to $50/$200 under the URx plan design; permit two free Well Checks per year for non-MAP covered members; and have durable medical equipment out-of-pocket costs apply to the coinsurance maximum.

The committee met on February 21  to make  final recommendations to the Board of Regents. There is a 6.7% aggregate increase for non-Medicare retirees; a 2.1% decrease for Medicare retirees; and dental rates decrease of 11.5% for retirees. The Medicare Advantage Plan will increase to $180 with a gym membership approved by Active and Fit. Plan to attend one of the retiree meetings April 8 or 9 from 3-4 in the UC third floor theater for more information. It was reported for every one dollar taken in premiums $1.50 is spent on claims for pre-retirees.  Medicare retirees are about breaking even. The Wellness subcommittee presented a five year strategic plan for wellness. The benefit plan currently spends around $70-$75M per year to cover 18,000 members. Five percent of plan members used sixty six percent of total benefits in a year. In FY12, the total number of high cost claims dropped to 46 and totaled $9.1M. The subcommittee is planning to create long term behavior changes which will involve short term and long term incentives, education and raising awareness, and a focus on both improvement of employee health/wellbeing and plan costs.

Some potential topics the Director of Benefits and retiree subcommittee will be working on this year are assessing the impact of the upcoming health insurance exchanges and the impact they will have on retirees, looking at the Medicare supplement and Employer Group Waiver plans, MAP monitoring, and possibly an affordability survey. The retiree subcommittee is working on how the Affordable Care Act affects our retirees, and they hope to have more information soon. E-mail for comments or any topics you would like discussed. For information or assistance regarding all insurance benefits, please contact Rita Garland, UM Benefits Services; 406.243.4238 or email

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