Employment Opportunities


The mission of the SAIT Office is to provide technical education and support to University of Montana students and staff of the division of Student Affairs. It is to work towards enhancing the utilization of technology by students and staff as well as to encourage and enable student learning by educating in addition to providing IT support. Furthering this mission, the TEC position will provide residents with in-room appointment support as well as help desk support for off-campus students and University staff.

Available Positions

Technology Educator and Consultant

Technology Educator and Consultants (TECs) help provide technology support to students and staff at the University of Montana. Supporting staff members gives TECs valuable knowledge of the inner-workings of the University and also exposes them to enterprise-level systems. TECs also staff the Service Desk in the UC, where they provide troubleshooting, diagnosis, and resolutions to a wide range of student technical issues.  TECs address hardware issues, software issues, and malware infections. TECs also help provide in-room technology support for residents of campus housing.

This is only a brief overview. For full details, please see the TEC Position Description.

Student Administrative Assistant

The Student Administrative Assistant provides operational and administrative support to Student Affairs IT. Supporting the Full Time Staff and the Student Coordinators in SAIT, the Administrative Assistant keeps work flowing to best serve the students at UM and staff members working in the division of Student Affairs.

Tasks included:

  • Scheduling for the SAIT HQ and Service Desk

  • Monitoring and assisting with management of support tickets and transactions

  • Processing hardware inventory and orders

  • Assessment and data reporting (developing meaningful graphs from collected data)

This is only a brief overview, for full details, please see the Student Administrative Assistant Position Description.  

Systems Administration Support Specialist

Systems Administration Support Specialist (SASS) provides assistance to the system administrators (SysAdmin) in Student Affairs IT.  The SASS will be helping SysAdmins maintain IT infrastructure, research new products, and implement IT solutions for Student Affairs users.  In addition, the SASS will also be a technical resource for the TECs and the rest of the Student Affairs IT team.  For more information, please call Antony Jo at 406.243.4185.  


Here are some testimonials of former student employees of SAIT:

Sarai Wilcox (August 2016-May 2017): "Overall, my experience working with Student Affairs IT has been immensely positive. I started the job with little to no confidence about my skillset and graduated with more of a handle on taking initiative, systematically thinking through challenges, and discovering time-efficient solutions for clients. Throughout the year working with SAIT, a myriad of personal issues arose which affected my work ethic and mood negatively. Thankfully, my supervisors and co-workers were very empathetic and offered constructive feedback and accommodations. I would love to thank the SAIT staff, for making my dreary days much brighter.
After graduation, I’m aiming to work a regular 9-5 position and applying these skills I’ve learned from working with SAIT. On the side, I will be starting up my own freelance art and design business with the intention of making some extra money to put into music production and traveling the world."

Hannah Gulbrandson (July 2016-July 2017): "Working as the Administrative Assistant for SAIT was a whirlwind. I certainly didn’t expect that I would come to enjoy the fast paced atmosphere as much as I did. The skills that I’ve learned at SAIT will certainly carry through to my career, as will the friendships I made over the past year. Working in an office that prioritizes collaboration is a great launch point for transitioning from a student to an employee, and I feel much more confident in my ability to delegate tasks, meet deadlines, and step outside of my comfort zone to learn new skills."

Gavin Lawson (2014-2016): "SAIT is one of the most rewarding jobs as student at The University of Montana can get. The skills and knowledge you gain will benefit you far beyond most jobs and help you every single day. Not only do you learn in-depth technology skills but SAIT also helps you develop and enhance personal skills like time management. Everyone at SAIT is a joy to work with and will help you both in and out of work."

Alaina Brown (2015-2016): "Being a TEC was one of the best experiences of my life. Working with such amazing people, including both the supervisory staff and my fellow TECs, made coming to work every day a lot of fun. Student Affairs IT is a workplace that will teach you more than just technical skills – you’ll learn about organization, customer service, and develop problem solving skills. After working with SAIT I have a solid foundation in a multitude of skills that make me a serious candidate for future careers!"

Katie Pauli (2014-2016): "SAIT was one of the hardest jobs I have ever had, however, it was also one of the most rewarding. It made me a better problem solver, gave me an intricate knowledge about how computers function, and improved my communication skills. Taking a job at SAIT will help you pay for college, teach you about computers, introduce you to the university and help you make friends for life."

Luke Smith (2006-2010): "You really need to look at it as more than just a student job -- it is an opportunity to grow as a person."

June Noel (2006-2009): "I would definitely recommend this job. You learn real world experience. Its not a job you just do and then graduate and forget about."

Andy Morse (2005-2009): "Use the job to benefit yourself. Even though it's a job, be learning. Put this on your resume, it means something. I learned better customer service skills. Working in the office you work with the biggest diversity of people. You are helping everyone from students to IT staff to important people on campus. This job taught me how to handle any situation."

Clif Cunningham (2004-2006):  "This is a great position to make you marketable to real world employers after you have graduated but, for me was so much more than that.  It was a team that I remain proud to have been part of.  Many of the people in that team I keep in touch with and would count in my closest friends."

Dustin Osterg (2000-2004):  "This job teaches you how to quickly think on your feet. It allows you to relate to other people, to want to help them.  It teaches you how to speak to people, and how to rapidly change your vocabulary depending on your target audience. Not just technical stuff, but managerial, or talking to your spouse and children. It's about how you want to portray something."