Technology Educators and Consultants (TECs) provide University of Montana students with a variety of technology resources. Listed below is a brief overview of the most commonly visited pages for answering questions on what we can do for you! To get more detail for any one of the topics please click on the desired page via the left-hand navigation pane.


Listed below are the two main ways we assist student with their technical issues. For a full list of Services please look over the services we provide to students.

In-Room Appointments

Student Affairs IT offers in-room tech support to students living in the residence halls or Lewis and Clark Villages at no cost! Appointments can be made in person or online.  To schedule an appointment online, this link will take you to a form you can fill out. We ask for at least one day's notice, so keep that in mind!

Service Desk

SAIT also offers free over the counter tech support to all students at the SAIT Service Desk, located in the UC on the first floor next to Jus Chillin'.  If your issue requires more work than what can be done over the counter or in your room, or if you are in need of new hardware, we can help you get the information you need to fix the problem yourself or you can check the machine in with us at a minimal charge. 

Open Monday through Friday, 11:00am to 5:00pm.


The FAQs contain a drop-down list of the most commonly asked questions we have received throughout the years, all answered with pretty pictures and videos to use at your convenience! Please visit the official FAQs to see if your questions have been answered. If you do not see what you are looking for feel free to call us at (406) 243-2625 and we can do our best to answer your questions over the phone.

TEC Listing

TECs are students like you who work at the Service Desk and in our office! The TEC Listing shows all the current TECs, along with their personal stories and endeavors to help get students better acquainted with them!

Cable Lineup

Cable TV is included in student fees when living in the residence halls. For a complete list of the channel lineups, please visit our Cable Lineup page.



Eduroam is the name of the wireless network available to students on-campus and in the residence halls. For connection instructions for your various devices, please visit the Wireless Connection Instructions.