Graduate Program

Standard Two: Educational Program and its Effectiveness

Supporting Documentation

Graduate Program

Required Documentation

RD 2B-01: Copy of the Graduate Catalog.

RD 2B-02: The information specified below is to be summarized separately, or, if it is contained in the Graduate Catalog, identified by page number(s):

RD 2B-03: Inventory of documents or studies that demonstrate the assessment of outcomes for graduate programs. Examples on file for review by the evaluation committee may include:

  • studies of graduates or former students;
  • studies that indicate the degree of success with graduates obtaining employment in fields relevant to their graduate education;
  • surveys of student satisfaction;
  • review of internal program;
  • surveys of employer satisfaction; and
  • results of national ranking data.

Graduate Surveys:

Program Reviews:

  • Department Records
  • Ph.D. in Individual Interdisciplinary Program Interim Report, April 15, 2003 (hard copy exhibit)

Required Exhibits

RE 2B-01: Policy on the acceptance of graduate credit, including transfer credit. Policy on the granting of credit for internships, field experience, or clinical practice.