Standard Two: Educational Program and its Effectiveness

Supporting Documentation

General Requirements and Undergraduate Program

Required Documentation

RD 2A-01:  Instruments and procedures used to measure educational program effectiveness.

RD 2A-02:  Inventory of documents that demonstrate the appraisal of educational program outcomes. The documents are to be available on campus for examination by the evaluation committee. Examples may include:

  • annual goals and assessment of success in their accomplishment;
  • studies of alumni and former students;
  • studies regarding effectiveness of programs and their graduates;
  • test comparisons that reveal beginning and ending competencies;
  • surveys of student satisfaction.

Department/Program Level Assessment:

Academic Services Assessment:

General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment:

  • Library Information Literacy Curriculum Tables
  • Group V-Literary and Artistic Studies Assessment (hard copy exhibit)
  • Evaluation of CHMY302E: Chemical Literature and Scientific Writing Assessment, an upper-division writing course and a general education course, Group VIII-Ethics and Human Values (hard copy exhibit)

Surveys of Student Satisfaction:

Graduate Surveys:

RD 2A-03:  Inventory of degree programs that have been added or deleted in the last five years.

RD 2A-04:  Number of degrees granted in each program for the last three years.

RD 2A-05:  Published statements or other written rationale for the general education program.

Required Exhibits

RE 2A-01:  Statement of degree objectives for each degree program.

RE 2A-02:  Description of curriculum development bodies and advisory groups, with rules of procedure and recent minutes.

RE 2A-03:  Complete departmental or program self-studies prepared for part of this self-study.

RE 2A-04:  Evaluation forms and summary reports of student evaluations of faculty and courses.

RE 2A-05:  Self-study and evaluation committee reports from external reviews and the most recent professional accreditation visits and documentation of resulting actions.

RE 2A-06:  Criteria and procedures for admission and retention of students, maintenance of student records, and awarding of credit, including credit for prior experiential learning.

RE 2A-07:  Policies regarding transfer of credit, including articulation agreements with other institutions.

RE 2A-08:  Policies regarding remedial work.

RE 2A-09:  Description of the materials and forms used in the academic advisement process.

RE 2A-10:  Grade distribution studies.

RE 2A-11:  Policies governing public service.

Suggested Materials

SM 2A-01:  Compilation of entering freshman student ability measures.

SM 2A-02:  Samples of course examinations and other instruments used to assess student achievement or competency and, when possible, available work products determined to be of different levels of quality.

  • Math Literacy Exam (hard copy exhibit)
  • Writing Examples from Art 203: Introduction to Art Criticism (hard copy exhibit)
  • Writing Example from EVST 302: Introduction to Environmental Regulation (hard copy exhibit)

SM 2A-03:  Funds devoted to research, if applicable, for each of the past three years; principal sources of such funds.

Other Supporting Materials

OSM 2A-01:  Academic Units and Program Inventory

OSM 2A-02:  Department/Program Accreditation Information

OSM 2A-03:  Freshman and Transfer Student Transition Courses Syllabi