Standard Three: Students

Supporting Documentation

Required Documentation

RD 3-01: Organization chart for student services.

RD 3-02: Student handbook where applicable.

  • Not Applicable

RD 3-03: Summaries of student characteristics that will provide a composite of the nature of the student body.

RD 3-04: Student retention and rate of graduate data for the last three years.

RD 3-05: Description of procedures for policy development including the involvement of students.

Required Exhibits

RE 3-01: Policies and procedures on: student conduct, rights, and responsibilities; student grievance process; academic honesty; athletics; student fees; tuition refunds.

RE 3-02: Statistics on student financial aid such as types and amounts available, number, gender of students assisted in each of last three years, default rate on loans, etc.

RE 3-03: Most recent financial aid reviews conducted by state and federal agencies.

RE 3-04: NCAA Division I Schools are to include the most recent graduation rate report.

RE 3-05: A copy of the mission and goals of each unit.

RE 3-06: Evidence of goal attainment of each unit.

Program Reviews (hard copies available upon request):

Assessment Reports (hard copies available upon request):

RE 3-07: Evidence of the impact of student services on students.

  • Please see Exhibit RE 3-06 (above)

RE 3-08: Institutional publications required by the Campus Security Act, Drug Free Schools and Colleges Act, the Drug Free Workplace Act, and the Student Right-to-Know Act.

Suggested Materials

SM 3-01: List of recognized student organizations.

SM 3-02: Strategic plan for student services.

SM 3-03: Constitution for student government.

SM 3-04: Sample copies of student publications.

  • Student Involvement Guide (jointly produced by ASUM and the UC)
  • Camas
  • A collection of student publications is available in the Exhibit Room under SM 3-04

SM 3-05: Brief resumes of the professional staff in student services.

  • Professional Staff Resumes
    • Vice President for Student Affairs, Central Office
    • American Indian Student Services
    • Campus Recreation
    • Career Services
    • Curry Health Center
    • Disability Services for Students
    • Enrollment Services - Admissions
    • Enrollment Services - Financial Aid
    • Foreign Student and Scholar Services
    • Residence Life
    • Student Affairs Information Technology
    • University Center
    • University Dining Services

Required Tables

Other Supporting Materials

OSM 3-01: Fiscal Year 2008 Enrollment Analysis

OSM 3-02: Position Descriptions for Student Affairs Professional Positions

OSM 3-03: Orientation Information

OSM 3-04: Student Affairs Brochures

OSM 3-05: Course Catalog

OSM 3-06: Freshman and Transfer Student Transition Courses Syllabi

OSM 3-07: UM Allies Proposal

OSM 3-08: Advising Handbook

OSM 3-09: External Financial Reports

OSM 3-10: Campus Recreation Information