Standard Four: Faculty

Supporting Documentation

Required Documentation

RD 4-01: Statistics available concerning faculty and administration characteristics, such as numbers of males and females, minorities, full-time and part-time faculty, years of service with the institution, degrees or levels of education, and years of other significant service.

RD 4-02: Salary data for faculty, including compensation for special or extra responsibilities.

RD 4-03: Policy and procedures on the evaluation of faculty, both full-time and part-time.

RD 4-04: Representative examples of the institutional and public impact of faculty scholarship.

  • A collection of examples is available in the Exhibit Room under RD 4-04 and on the UM Publications Table

RD 4-05: Summary of the most significant artistic creation, scholarly activity, and research by faculty during the past five years.

Required Exhibits

RE 4-01: Faculty handbook, including personnel policies and procedures.

RE 4-02: Policy on Academic Freedom.

RE 4-03: Faculty committees and membership.

RE 4-04: Evaluation forms and summary reports of student evaluations of faculty and courses.

  • Summaries of student evaluations of faculty and courses from 2008 and 2009 are available in the Exhibit Room under RE 2A-04

RE 4-05: Access to personnel files and current professional vitae.

RE 4-06: Criteria and procedures for employing, evaluating, and compensating faculty in special programs such as off-campus, study abroad, travel/study, non-credit, or extension credit programs.

RE 4-07: Copies of any doctrinal statements required for employment, promotion, and tenure.

RE 4-08: Policies governing the employment, orientation, and evaluation of part-time faculty and teaching fellows, if applicable.

RE 4-09: Summary reports of faculty involvement with public services/community services.

RE 4-10: Institutional policies regarding scholarship and artistic creation by faculty and students.

RE 4-11: Institutional policies regarding research activity, including sponsored research by faculty and students.

RE 4-12: Summary of the faculty role in developing and monitoring policies and practices scholarship, artistic creation, and research.

Required Tables

Suggested Materials

SM 4-01: Statistics on faculty retention and turnover.

Other Supporting Materials

OSM 4-01: Academic Unit Data

OSM 4-02: Inversion, Compression, and Salary Floors 

OSM 4-03: Instructional Faculty by Department

  • Instructional Faculty by Department (hard copy exhibit)
  • Degree Programs (hard copy exhibit)